Dubstep Is The Sound Of Four Robots Fighting

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

I’m generally pretty open-minded when it comes to my musical tastes. Even if it’s outside my comfort zone or preferred genre, I’ll give it a chance. I mean, hey, I’ve got some tracks in my playlist that I’d probably hurriedly skip past if company was over, so who am I to judge? There are, however, certain genres that I just don’t get. “Screamo,” for instance, is probably not, as it is in my head, defined as “noises specifically designed to make David want to murder the ones making them.” Another is that subset of dance music dubbed — ahem — dubstep. Now, thanks to the following video, I feel like I finally understand dubstep on a deep and revelatory level. Because, you see, dubstep is actually the sound of four robots yelling at each other.

Fluxel Media created the short (officially named “Dubstep Dispute”), and you can see some behind-the-scenes images and explanations of how it was all put together over at Fluxel’s website. Personally, I just love some of the little touches, like when the yellow robot falls over toward the end, and the way the cook robot seems almost petulant as he drops the dinner on the table.

So, the next time some jackass is blasting dubstep next to you at a stoplight, just remember: that’s the sound of a robot family working out their differences.

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