Doctor Who Fan Art Imagines Benedict Cumberbatch As The Twelfth Doctor

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Science fiction fans are notorious for their what-if mentality. For example, what if Christopher Walken played Han Solo? How would that have changed the face of the current state of popular culture? Someone should Back to the Future this scenario, go back in time to stop Harrison Ford from auditioning for the role, and see how that plays out.

One of the things that makes Doctor Who so much fun is that fans can speculate about what it would look like to see a variety of different actors playing the Time Lord, but in this case, they might actually get to see their ideas in real life. Right now the long-running BBC space adventure is on its 11th version of the doctor, and as it shows no signs of waning popularity, you can bet that more Doctors are waiting for us in the future. One favorite pipe dream of Who fans is to imagine Benedict Cumberbatch as the next Doctor. Check out artist Alexa Zhang’s rendering of the Star Trek Into Darkness villain’s likeness as Doctor number twelve.

While Cumberbatch would be an awesome choice for to take over the reigns, this is a highly unlikely possibility. With roles in The Hobbit movies, the next Star Trek, and a memorable turn in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, he’s becoming a pretty big movie star these days. And given that he’s already played another icon of British fiction, Sherlock Holmes, a run on Doctor Who seems improbable. Still, the harsh reality of the situation isn’t going to stop anyone from daydreaming any time soon.

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