Very Cool Teaser For Indie SF Flick 2088 Has One Pissed-Off Robot

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

I’ve rambled at length here in the past about how cool it is that we’ve reached a level of tech where indie/low-budget science fiction movies can really pull off some amazing effects. Sure, the indie stuff may not be quite as mind-blowing as, say, del Toro’s upcoming giant robots vs. giant monsters flick Pacific Rim, but we’ve definitely advanced past the point where on-the-cheap effects are obviously on-the-cheap. Case in point: this trailer for the upcoming indie science fiction film 2088. Check it out, then we’ll talk more.

There’s no official synopsis available, so it’s hard to figure out what the story behind 2088 is going to be about. There are several clues in the short teaser, however. It takes place in a futuristic Los Angeles, and looks to involve the LAPD somehow. The video claims that it’s the property of the LAPD “Non-Human Crimes Division.” At first glance I thought that probably meant the story involved aliens, but when the giant robot leapt into frame I realized robots could count as non-human as well. So maybe we’ll be seeing some sort of violent robot uprising? If they have a whole division for it, that suggests the pissed-off robot flipping over a car isn’t an isolated incident.

It’s also worth noting that everything in the teaser is “found footage” style, alternating between the police dash cam and an overhead camera of some sort. Since found-footage is all the rage these days, it 2088 proves to fit within that category.

2088 is being written and directed by a chap named Steven Ilous, working with visual effects house SMI Entertainment. Ilous comes from a strong FX background himself, having worked on projects such as the Matrix sequels. We don’t have a synopsis yet, but here’s the mission statement for the flick:

The challenge: To produce, direct and write a transmedia sci-fi/drama property that will entice audiences from all around the world, allowing people to experience this story through multi-platform touch points.

That’s a whole lot of marketing speak without much specific information, but the trailer’s definitely earned my attention. Stay tuned to GFR and we’ll share more info about 2088 as we hear it.

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