Elon Musk Eyes Texas For His Hyperloop Test Track, Get The Details Here

HyperloopA 30-minute trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco is inching closer and closer to becoming a reality. SpaceX and Tesla head, and general technologically forward thinking dude, Elon Musk, has been kicking around the idea of a high-speed Hyperloop transit system for some time, and he recently took to social medial to offer some updates on its progress.

The project includes work from established players like of Boeing, Tesla, and SpaceX, as well as from engineering students at UCLA’s SupraStudio. Musk took to Twitter to say that the Hyperloop is getting a new test facility that will most likely be constructed somewhere in Texas (SpaceX has regional offices in Houston). The track will be roughly five miles long and both the student teams and the companies will be able to use this facility to test out their pods.


Star Wars Rebels Brings Back A Fan Favorite: This Week’s TV Picks

As we inch closer to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the expansive Star Wars canon has been streamlined to three primary onscreen sources: the six primary films, the Clone Wars animated series, and Star Wars Rebels. (As well as secondary material such as the new novels and Marvel comics.) Rebels is particularly interesting since it’s bridging the years between Clone Wars and A New Hope. In addition to new stories and new characters, Rebels has already included appearances from Clone Wars-era Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, and even Yoda himself. Tonight Rebels brings another familiar face into the spotlight: that crafty bastard Lando Calrissian.


The Strain Season 2 Trailer Fights For Survival As New York Burns

Whenever you mention monsters and Guillermo del Toro in the same sentence, it’s a prospect worth getting excited over. Reviews of the initial run of The Strain are somewhat mixed (I still haven’t had the chance to check it out for myself), but from most accounts as the season wound on, it got all kinds of crazy and awesome. And if this new trailer for season 2 of the FX vampire series is any indication, things are going to stay insane for the foreseeable future.

Based on a trilogy of novels by del Toro and co-writer Chuck Hogan, the basic premise of The Strain is that some kind of ancient biological evil, a nasty old virus, lands in New York City and turns the population into bloodthirsty vampires. A Centers for Disease Control Canary Team, led by Doctor Eprhaim Goodweather (Corey Stoll), are the only ones who can stop it, and team up with a collection of every day citizens to do just that.


Here Is Everything Wrong With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You had to know that this was coming. The Jonathan Liebesman-directed, Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a big hit, finishing 2014 as the 14th highest grossing movie domestically, and raking in more than $477 million worldwide. It was such an instant triumph that Paramount greenlit a sequel damn near the moment the film opened. But despite how successful it was, it got shit on all over the place by critics and many fans, and so of course you had to expect Cinema Sins to give the film one of their patented “Everything Wrong With…” videos, and this is an extensive one.

There are, admittedly, a lot of problems with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ranging from those weird humanoid faces to the fact that it’s more about Megan Fox’s April O’Neil than the actual title characters (out of all the issues, this is my biggest gripe). But damn, this video is almost 23 minutes long, which is a bit excessive for a movie that is only runs 101 minutes in total.


Mark Hamill Calls Stepping Onto The Millennium Falcon Again Surreal, And More

Star WarsFor most of us, December 18, 2015 is going to be a very nostalgic moment as we wait in the darkened theater to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Regardless of your feelings afterwards, the sensation of sitting down to watch The Phantom Menace for the first time was an experience that’s difficult to put into words. It’s not just fans who have a deep connection to the franchise, but stepping on set the first time had to be a surreal moment for returning cast member as well, and one of them, Mark Hamill, recently talked about that experience.


Fox Is Mulling Bringing Back This Paranoid Sci-Fi Classic

x-files fight the futureWe live in an era where we’re looking at the third potential Spider-Man reboot in less than 15 years, so it’s kind of astonishing that there are still hugely successful past properties that haven’t yet been rebooted. Fairly high on that list is The X-Files. It was one of the most popular and defining shows of the ’90s, a water-cooler hit in the early days of the Internet, and it’s been off the air since 2002. The X-Files would seem to be prime real estate that’s being left undeveloped, and there have been rumors about a reboot for years now. But is Fox actually any closer to reopening The X-Files? The answer is…maybe.

The truth about The X-Files’ future remains confused, inveigled, and obfuscated, but a representative for Fox has at least confirmed that fans aren’t the only ones thinking about the show’s future. Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour this past weekend, Fox Television Group chairman Gary Newman was asked — certainly not for the first time — about The X-Files. He said, “It’s been reported, and it’s true, that we’ve had some conversations about [reviving] X-Files. But I have nothing that we can announce at this time.”