Zombified Short Film Super Zero Needs Its Own Series

Movies and TV are full of zombie-related fare, so it’s kind of silly to want more of it out there, but the short film Super Zero, released earlier this year, is an enjoyable romp with a limited scope that deserves broadening in a more mainstream fashion. Check it out below and see if you agree.


This Homemade Star Wars Landspeeder Pet Bed Is Totally The Cat’s Pajamas

star warsWhen I was a kid, I had a bunk bed and then a normal bed, and then my parents tossed their waterbed before I could step in and lay claim. (Like the 1970s pimp that I am?) Any trip to the furniture store always takes me back to childhood, seeing racecar beds and spaceship beds and the like. But in order to get the coolest bed of all, I apparently should have grown up as a cat instead of a human. May I jealously present the world’s first (I presume) homemade Star Wars Landspeeder cat bed.

Crafted by the amazingly creative minds at Roxy’s Dream, these guys make a ton of pet-related furniture and accessories, and this is easily the greatest bed they’ve made yet. Completely one of a kind, the Cat Speeder is going for around $600, to make up for all the work that went into it. As you can imagine, Roxy’s Dream isn’t a mass-production factory or anything.


Pacific Rim Fans, Now You Can Own Every Onscreen Jaeger In Toy Form

Even though it was something of a box office dud in the States, we loved Pacific Rim here at GFR. Giant mechs tussling with giant monsters — what’s not to like? But even if you were lukewarm on the film itself, the design work was stellar, and perfectly suited to expanding your toy collection. So far we’ve seen some awesome Pacific Rim toys, but if you’re a fan who’s been stocking a toy shelf with NECA’s amazing toy recreations of the film’s Jaegers, crack open that wallet because more are on the way in the new year. Check out NECA’s new visual guide to their Pacific Rim toy line below. You can click the image for a larger version.



This Hunger Games Porn Parody Trailer Is Shockingly SFW

The Humper GamesThis is a phrase I never expected to write, but I’m a little bit disappointed with porn. Of course there’s going to be a Hunger Games porn parody, that’s just a given, and of course the title is going to be The Hunger Bangs, right? Apparently not, which seems like a missed opportunity. Wood Rocket, the folks behind Doctor Whore, the Doctor Who porn spoof, Game of Bones, and The Knobbit, have unleashed The Humper Games into the world.

I can’t find an embeddable version of the video, but you can click HERE if you want to see the whole trailer. Don’t worry if one of your coworkers is looming, watching over your shoulder, because there’s nothing particularly NSFW going on here. Unless they recognize porn stars, but then you can out them for that in a public setting.


Here’s Your First Look At The Jurassic World Lego Set

jurassic world legoOne of the most anticipated movies of 2015 is Colin Trevorrow’s reboot-ish sequel Jurassic World, and one of the ways that people love to experience movies is in small plastic block form. So it goes without saying—even though I’m saying it—that the upcoming Jurassic World LEGO set is going to make many a fan’s tiny dino dreams come true next year. We now know what at least part of the set will look like, as the picture above shows off a wild scene full of snapped-together danger.

There’s a lot to take in here, although it’s unclear just how much of this scene will be released for public consumption. We’ve got the dinosaurs for sure, and Chris Pratt’s Owen is definitely getting one. We can also presume that B.D. Wong’s Dr. Henry Wu, seen up by the spotlight, will be in there. But what about the helicopter and the building where Wu is standing? Maybe somebody made a LEGO version of the trailer that I can play with if this set doesn’t deliver settings.


Watch This Promo For The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere

After another crazy, heartbreaking midseason finale, The Walking Dead is in the middle of its annual hiatus. As popular as it’s ever been, the return is a highly anticipated affair, and AMC just released this new promo for the next episode, which shows off some fresh footage and hints at the new direction for the group of zombie apocalypse survivors.

Heads up, we might get into some spoilery talk beyond this point if you’re not caught up on season 5 of The Walking Dead.