Did Disney Use Any Of George Lucas’ Star Wars 7 Plans?

George LucasA while back, George Lucas talked about how, before he sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 billion dollars, he had ideas for a shiny new Star Wars trilogy of his very own. He didn’t say what those were, precisely, just that he had them. These ideas were also apparently part of the deal when the House of Mouse took over—when you pony up that much cash, you get everything—and the real question is: how much inspiration did they take from Lucas’ plans? The short answer is none, though there is, of course, a little more to the story than that.

Though had an idea for a new trilogy, Lucas almost got the ball rolling on Episode VII before the sale. He said that he was considering getting the film ready to release in May of 2015 and then sell Lucasfilm—a full trilogy is something like a 10 year commitment—but the Disney offer came down the way, and how do you say no to $4 billion? In a recent interview with our lovely older sibling Cinema Blend, hyping his new animated feature Strange Magic, the subject came up. And while he didn’t reveal any specifics—that’s not really his style—Lucas did note that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is nothing like what he wrote.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Unloads Kills, Thrills, And Rick With A Sword

Holy hell, people. After what feels like a normal drama’s entire summer break, we’re inching our way forward to the return of The Walking Dead for the second half of Season 5. And following an aesthetically interesting, but footage-free promo hitting last week, we now have our first good look at what’s to come for our band of hard-knocking survivors. Check it out.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Has A Female Stormtrooper, Get The Details

star wars the force awakensDespite the Internet’s best efforts, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will undoubtedly have a handful of really great surprises to give fans when it comes out at the end of the year. And now it’s being tossed around that one of those surprises may have something to do with a female Stormtrooper trooping around the universe. Could the male-leaning franchise actually be bringing in a woman for its iconic cloned army?

The rumorish news places newcomer actress/musician Amybeth Hargreaves as the first female Stormtrooper, and it comes from her resume on Spotlight UK, which had a 2014 listing for her role as a “Storm Trooper” for Disney and J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars. That particular listing has since been removed, probably not long after fanboys first heard this highly intriguing factoid. Here’s a screenshot of the unaltered resume, thanks to JediNews.


World War Z 2 Looks To Wipe The Slate Clean

Brad Pitt in a HallwayWorld War Z was a movie that had a lot of problems during production, including scrapping the entire final act and reshooting it much later (by the end the budget ballooned to $200 million). The troubles were so pronounced that I was surprised by how well it turned out and how much I enjoyed it. (It still has some issues, but overall it isn’t a bad time.) A huge box office smash, a sequel was the obvious next step, and according to the writer, it sounds like they’re trying to get all the kinks worked out before hand.

Steven Knight had a solid year last year, writing and making his feature directing debut with the Tom-Hardy-in-a-car drama Locke, as well as continuing his old timey crime saga Peaky Blinders. Though he’s never really worked in horror before, the idea of him turning his eyes toward World War Z 2 is intriguing and exciting. Talking to Indiewire, the Eastern Promises scribe discussed writing the treatment and indicated that the follow up is something of a do-over.


Walking Dead Spinoff May Be An Origin Story And Bring Back This Key Character

Walking DeadAs fans while away the hours until The Walking Dead returns to TV screens next month, they’ve had to satisfy themselves on bits and pieces of news from the popular zombie series. We’ve seen a couple promos and heard an interesting casting choice, but that’s about it. On the other hand, as the spinoff series, titled Cobalt, starts to take shape, we’re learning more and more about the project, including potential plot details and the possible return of a familiar face.

There may be spoilers for Cobalt beyond this point. You’ve been warned.


BBC Cancels Acclaimed Zombie Drama In The Flesh, Here’s Why

InFleshZombies may be damn near omnipresent these days, but they’re far from unkillable. They’re being used to sell everything from candy to cars, and AMC’s The Walking Dead is the biggest show on cable, but your TV is going to be down at least one zombie drama as the BBC has officially cancelled In the Flesh.

In the Flesh won multiple BAFTA awards during its two-season run at the BBC, but due to budget constraints, and the transition of BBC Three to an all online format, the network decided not to move forward with a third season. In a statement they said, “BBC Three is very proud of the two award-winning series of In the Flesh. However, given there is only budget for one original drama series a year on the channel it won’t be returning.”