Marvel Snap Player Has Done The Unimaginable

A Marvel Snap player has shocked the development team by maxing out the Collection Level track.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Being the world’s first in gaming isn’t a small achievement, and numerous online games have their respective gaming communities competing for the title. In the case of the recently expanded World of Warcraft, for example, gamers’ guilds are competing to complete the newest raids on Mythic difficulty. However, when it comes to card battler Marvel Snap, a single gamer managed to hit the end of players’ progression, becoming the first player to do so.

According to IGN, a Marvel Snap player has reached the end of the Collection Level track, topping out at CL 22,366, which effectively halted his progress and earned him the attention of the game’s development team at Second Dinner. As per IGN’s report, a player named Aaron posted his issue on Marvel Snap‘s official Discord channel, stating that he’s no longer able to earn in-game rewards by playing to increase his Collection Level. Second Dinner team, on the other hand, responded by calling Aaron’s achievement impressive, stating that he’s the world’s first to hit the CL limit.

There’s a mixture of both bad and good news. Aaron’s achievement is truly impressive, and being the world’s first is truly no small feat. Individual gamers or their respective gaming communities venturing out to achieve such feats typically take months of preparation in content beta before the content officially drops. Even then, it’s an intense undertaking, as they’re usually competing against other players for the title.

Marvel Snap has Aaron, who, contrary to Second Dinner’s expectations, managed to hit the CL cap.

The bad news is that Aaron has hit the CL cap in Marvel Snap, so he can progress no further. It is as they say, the view is beautiful when you’re at the top, but it’s a bit lonely and boring. With that said, Second Dinner offered a solution to the so-called issue by saying that the CL track will be extended via a future update, allowing dedicated players like Aaron to further progress their collections.

In the meantime, while they can still play, their rewards won’t increase. But the main question still remains: how long did it take Aaron to reach the aforementioned Collection Level?

Well, it’s as we previously said, some players have the luck of playing their favorite releases during beta testing, and this is precisely what happened in this case. As it turns out, Aaron was one of the lucky few who got to play the game during beta, gaining CL long before the rest of the gaming community had the chance to even play the game. In most cases, any type of progression resets between versions when the official version of the game releases, but exceptions have always existed, and this could very well be the case here.

Even if the progress hadn’t transferred when the official Marvel Snap was released, beta players still had the benefit of knowledge, allowing them to progress further than those experiencing the release for the first time. Oh, and another thing — it’s pretty safe to assume that he also invested heavily into in-game purchases, which could’ve resulted in a better-honed competitive edge.