Marvel Snap’s New Update Will Bring In A Huge Amount Of Cards

Marvel Snap's new update will bring in 16 brand-new cards that include Thanos, She-Hulk, Galactus, and Titania.

By Jason Collins | Published

marvel snap

While the update for Marvel Snap won’t introduce the recently discussed single-player mode, it will bring a massive amount of new hero cards to the pre-existing roster and make it easier for players to acquire Pool 3 and Pool 4 cards. The acquisition is made possible thanks to the addition of a Token Shop, which will allow users to spend the newly introduced currency on new cards. This is fantastic news, as it also encompasses 16 all-new cards that were brought in the update.

According to Kotaku, besides allowing gamers to grind out the desired cards, Marvel Snap‘s developer, Second Dinner, has added a huge number of cards in the most recent update to the game, called The Power Cosmic. The newly added heroes include Thanos, She-Hulk — a popular hero thanks to the Disney+ series — the world-eater Galactus, Titania, and many others. Thanos, the big baddie from the Avengers films, also has his Infinity Gauntlet, which makes him a very interesting and complex card in the new deck.

The new Marvel Snap cards will be split into two series, or pools (as players call them), and most of them will be rare, with Pool 5 being ten times rarer compared to the newly introduced Pool 4 cards. It’s worth noting that Pool 4 is also much rarer compared to randomly dropped cards from previous decks. However, thanks to the recently added Token feature, players won’t have to unlock Pool 3 to proceed with unlocking Pool 4 or rely on random number generators (RNGs) to gain their favorite hero.

Instead, they’ll appear in the Token Shop following the next patch once it drops on December 4. This will allow players to grind resources necessary for obtaining specific Pool 4 and Pool 5 cards. Prominent Pool 4 cards include She-Hulk, Luke Cage, M’Baku, and Mariah Hill, while Pool 5 contains Thanos, Shuri — our new Black Panther — Bast, Galactus, Valkyrie, and so on. Players in desire of these cards can earn tokens from the collection progression path, but only once they’ve hit collection rank 500.

As for their availability, there is a certain randomness when it comes to card selection within the Marvel Snap Token Shop, but these don’t resemble anything similar to the controversial loot boxes, so players won’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on microtransactions. Instead, the Token Shop will feature a random card that you, as an individual player, don’t have in your deck, with a new card appearing every eight hours. So, if you’re presented with Venom or Dr. Doom, and you have enough token currency, you can immediately grab the desired card.

However, the Marvel Snap‘s Shop also allows you to lock the card and prevent it from changing in case you happen to lack the resources necessary for the acquisition of said card. In that case, you can simply lock the card, grind out the resources, and eventually purchase the desired card. As for the card-battler itself, the game has been climbing various charts on Steam and app stores for quite some time, thanks to its unique approach to card battles, which is currently undergoing an expansion with the new update due December 4.