See Zendaya Replacing Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman

We use an AI program to turn Zendaya into her own version of Wonder Woman.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated


Zendaya is a fashion queen, but does the Euphoria star have what it takes to be the Princess of Themyscira? Wonder Woman’s future on the big screen is uncertain amidst the impending reset on the DCU. An AI art program GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT has imagined what it would look like if Zendaya stepped up to replace Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Zendaya would bring different qualities to the role than Gal Gadot does. The actresses have different life experiences, separated by more than a decade of age. Zendaya would lend youth to the role, but would lack Gadot’s military training and greater experience in womanhood.

Uniting Zendaya and Gal Gadot is their model experience. Zendaya is accustomed to projecting fierce confidence and royal candor. Her resume includes action-packed blockbusters like Dune and Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man films, and she proved her emotional depth in Netflix’s Malcolm and Marie and HBO’s Euphoria.

An actress like Zendaya may replace Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but if and when that happens remains a mystery. Rumors have surfaced that Gal Gadot will appear in Shazam! Fury of the Gods when the sequel hits theaters this March. The Direct reported on leaked images of the Funko Pop! toy line for DC’s upcoming The Flash, which reveal Wonder Woman in the lineup.

Earlier reports indicated that Gal Gadot’s cameo in The Flash was cut, but those claims have been challenged by industry insiders. The pictures of the Wonder Woman toys may have been old, produced before the character was cut from the film. If not, Zendaya may need to wait, as Gal Gadot may be returning to the role sooner than expected

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn indicated on Twitter that fans would see an iteration of Wonder Woman within the next three years, but he did not clarify details beyond that. After the last films of the old DC Studios regime debut this year, the studio will be on a new trajectory, and an actress like Zendaya very well may take over for Gal Gadot.

James Gunn has been wrapped in the Lasso of Half-Truths, teasing bits about upcoming projects without committing to details. Part of this may be to retain the element of surprise, while much more of it has to do with Gunn’s wariness to comment on details that are still in development. Meanwhile, the world waits to see the fates of Zendaya and Gal Gadot in their superhero movie roles.

tom holland zendaya spider-man no way home

Zendaya plays MJ in Jon Watts’ Spider-Man films. Sources have indicated that she will return with Tom Holland in Spider-Man 4, but no confirmation has come through about her reprisal. Both Zendaya and Gal Gadot have been staples in their respective franchises since 2017 (2016 for Gadot, counting her brief appearance in Batman v. Superman).

The next chapter of the DCU is full of exciting potential, but the transition into the new vision for the canon has been painful at times. Superman fans said goodbye to Henry Cavill in the role, but Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman fans have been left on the hook. Time will tell if a new actress like Zendaya steps in for Gal Gadot, and the clock is ticking.