The Walking Dead’s Strangest Team Up Is Finally Explained

Maggie and Negan will team up in The Walking Dead: Dead City for a quest to save Maggie's son.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

walking dead dead city

Although The Walking Dead may have finally sauntered away after a mind-blowing 11-season run, there are plenty of spin-off series in the works. One of the most talked about and hotly debated is The Walking Dead: Dead City, a series that will see the very unlikely pair of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan and Lauren Cohan’s Maggie travel to a zombie-ridden New York City. And, it seems our questions have been answered thanks to Kirsten Acuna, who shared the news that the pair who have no love for each other are banding together for one thing and one thing only: to rescue Maggie’s son, Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller) following his abduction by some new-to-the-story baddies. 

Kirsten Acuna, a correspondent for INSIDER, first shared the news which came during TCA 23 on Tuesday, giving some insight into the first looks at the new series. As the debut teaser revealed, The Walking Dead: Dead City will follow Maggie as she runs out of options and is forced to turn to her old foe, Negan, for help in locating and saving her son in what has become the most dangerous area in America. For those who may not remember, Negan brutally murdered Maggie’s husband and Hershel’s father, Glenn (Steven Yeun), by bashing him to death with his nightmare-inducing baseball bat, which he lovingly named after his late wife, Lucille.

With such bad blood between the two, why would Maggie reach out to Negan to aid in the rescue of her beloved son? With the epic story in The Walking Dead finally coming to a close, AMC needed to be sure they were stepping up their game with equally engaging productions to draw fans in. Thus a continuation of the storyline between Maggie and Negan in The Walking Dead: Dead City would certainly drum up some excitement with fans who want to see where the two are able to take their relationship.

With Negan recently remarried and now having a child of his own, his return to morality and humanity is something that will certainly be played up in the upcoming spin-off. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead: Dead City will see Maggie being forced to give some sort of forgiveness to the man who took so much away from her, further pushing along the storyline of Negan’s quest for redemption. All in all, the two joining together as a team will certainly pique the interest of fans who may otherwise stray from the franchise. 

walking dead dead city
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Outside of The Walking Dead: Dead City, both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan have some exciting other ventures in the works. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will once again be joining forces with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke on the Prime Video series The Boys for the show’s fourth season. While nothing is known about who he’ll be playing, judging by the appearance of fellow Supernatural alum, Jensen Ackles in Season 3, we’re sure that we’ll be in for a treat. 

Likewise, Lauren Cohan will be joining the cast of the animated series Twilight of the Gods alongside names like Jessica Henwick and Sylvia Hoeks. Based on Norse Mythology, the production will follow the story of the fall of Midgard and Asgard and will bring in a lot of familiar names together in a fight between good and evil. As for The Walking Dead: Dead City, the series will stumble onto AMC in June 2023.