Vanna White Makes Decision About Wheel Of Fortune Future

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

Wheel of Fortune

Following extensive negotiations, Vanna White, the beloved co-host of Wheel of Fortune, has officially extended her contract for an additional two years. This announcement ensures that White will remain a staple on the show through the 2025-26 season, providing continuity as the popular game show transitions into a new era, Deadline reports.

The news comes as Wheel of Fortune recently kicked off its 41st season, marking the final season for the show’s longtime host, Pat Sajak. With Sajak stepping down, there was a wave of speculation about the show’s future. Vanna White’s decision to continue her tenure brings much-needed stability to the beloved program.

Vanna White Will Soon Co-Host With Ryan Seacrest

Taking the reins from Sajak as the new host of Wheel of Fortune in 2024 will be the multi-talented Ryan Seacrest, who is excited about working alongside Vanna White, whom he has known for a long time. “I love Vanna White. We’ve sat in important places next to each other, and I hope for nothing more than to be able to walk out on that stage and host with her,” he previously said.

Aside from her role on the syndicated game show, Vanna White has also secured her place as the host of ABC’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Her return to this special edition of the game show, accompanied by a significant salary increase, was confirmed in June. It is widely believed that her contract extension for the flagship syndicated show also includes a well-deserved pay raise.

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Vanna White

One significant factor that likely played a role in sealing the new deal for Vanna White’s contract extension was the outpouring of support from fans and colleagues during the period of uncertainty leading up to season 41. Moreover, her enduring popularity and the deep connection she shares with viewers undoubtedly made a strong case for her continued presence on the show.

More Changes For Wheel Of Fortune

Aside from the Vanna White news, season 41 of Wheel of Fortune also introduces some new faces to the team. Alex Van Wagner has taken over as the show’s director following the retirement of his predecessor, Robert Ennis, over the summer hiatus. With extensive experience directing various types of shows across networks, syndication, and cable, Wagner brings a wealth of expertise to the production.

Additionally, Maggie Sajak, who has been serving as the show’s social media correspondent, has exciting plans for the new season. This includes a new weekly sweepstakes called Fan Fridays. The segment will not only showcase a fan-tastic prize each week but also reveal a Word of the Day exclusively for members of the Wheel Watchers Club.

Vanna White assumed her co-hosting duties on Wheel of Fortune in 1982, stepping into the role previously held by model Susan Stafford. Before landing this gig, White was pursuing an acting career and facing the challenges that come with it. However, her journey took a significant turn when she joined the game show, as her charm and charisma swiftly propelled her to stardom.

Vanna White has extended her Wheel of Fortune contract for two more years.

Alongside Pat Sajak, they formed one of the most iconic television duos in the history of the medium. Although her initial role on Wheel of Fortune primarily involved turning letters, Vanna White’s responsibilities have evolved over time. In 2019, she stepped in for Sajak during his recovery from emergency surgery, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to the show.