See The Timothee Chalamet Rap Video That Landed Him Wonka

By Jessica Goudreault | Updated

The premiere of the new Wonka movie trailer has sparked a lot of debate over whether or not Timothee Chalamet is meant to play the role of the young chocolate maker. But the decision was easy for director Paul King who cast the young star based on a rap video the young actor made back in high school, according to Rolling Stone. The video is just something you need to see to believe.

Timothee Chalamet’s Rap Was A Real School Project

The two and half minute rap video showcases Timothee Chalamet’s alter-ego “Little Timmy Tim” as he raps about statistics and repeatedly shouts out his teacher’s name. Apparently, this was a real project that he submitted for a statistics assignment, but it has become a hilarious video that fans cannot get enough of.

In the video, the future Wonka star is seen wearing a bright pink backwards hat, a plain grey t-shirt, and low-rise jean shorts. He repeatedly drops the word “statistics” and points behind him at the black backdrop, pausing to pull up his shorts every now and again.

Director Paul King knew Timothee Chalamet was his man for Wonka after he watched the actor’s rap video and he didn’t make Chalamet audition for the part.

Later in the video, Timothee Chalamet is joined by a bunch of friends who are just as enthusiastic about statistics as him, so enthusiastic that they can’t help but dance and twerk to the camera.

Ellen DeGeneres shared the video with the young star and Armie Hammer back in 2017, likely in an effort to embarrass the young actor on live TV. According to his Call Me by Your Name co-star, Timothee Chalamet got a D+ on the assignment.

That’s not surprising since there is very little rapping about actual statistics, apart from the ironic lines, “Let’s do a problem, let us see, the probability you see me on TV. One-zero-zero-zero trillion percent. I’m a statistical wonder; I’m a statistical gem.”

Timothee Chalamet in Wonka

Wonka director Paul King admitted that he already had Timothee Chalamet in mind for the lead role of his film, but the rap video sealed the deal. In fact, the 27-year-old actor didn’t even have to audition for the role. Reportedly, Hollywood stars Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling, and Ezra Miller were other potential leads, but Paul King had his heart set on Timothée Chalamet.

Since singing and dancing are an important part of the upcoming Wonka film, it’s crucial that Timothee Chalamet knew how to sing and dance. Based on the “Statistics” rap video and his student performances at New York City’s Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art, Paul King knew he would do just fine singing and dancing all over Wonkaville.

Hollywood stars Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling, and Ezra Miller were other potential leads, but Paul King had his heart set on Timothée Chalamet.

Timothee Chalamet will play a young Willy Wonka in the new Wonka movie that is expected to hit theaters later this year on December 15. The whimsical film will share the story of how Willy Wonka became the famous chocolatier that eventually becomes the darker Johnny Depp version and the twisted Gene Wilder version.

The much-anticipated film will include several British stars, including Hugh Grant (as an Oompa Loompa), Olivia Colman, Matt Lucas, and Rowan Atkinson.

The seemingly light-hearted film will be a change of pace from Timothee Chalamet’s previous work on more dramatic films like Dune, Bones and All, and Beautiful Boy. Hopefully audiences will like this new spin of the classic tale of Willy Wonka.