The Boys Memes: Funniest Ones From The Hit Series

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

the boys season 4

It took all of one episode to make it a bona fide hit and for The Boys memes to come pouring in. The Amazon Prime series is based on the Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson comic book of the same name that tells the story of a group of vigilantes whose goal is to put a lid on superheroes who abuse their powers. Eric Kripke developed the series and like the comic book, doesn’t skimp on the violence, gore, or sexual situations.

But like many big hits, The Boys opens itself up to the wrath of the meme makers. As you will soon see, they take shots at everything and use The Boys as their props. Of course, it’s all in good fun, unless Homelander catches wind of these.

So, here are 10 of the best The Boys memes.

The Boys Memes

The Boys Memes – Frenchie’s Ways to Kill Translucent

The Boys memes kicks things off with something all fans will understand. Frenchie (Tomer Capone) is a member of The Boys, an arms dealer who knows his way around ordnance, munitions, and chemistry. Here we see just what Frenchie thought every time he came up with a brilliant plot to kill Translucent, one of the Seven, a group of superheroes who love nothing more than to abuse their superpowers.

Wrong Time to Stop Shooting Compound-V

Compound-V is the super serum injected into humans to give them their superpowers. It can be used for both good and evil and was designed by the Nazis in World War II to create super soldiers. This The Boys meme hilariously uses Lloyd Bridges from the comedy Airplane! to show its addictive quality. In a lot of ways, this feels exactly like what is happening on the series.

The Boys Memes – Mad Dad

Remember when your father gave you that “look?” The one that was a warning shot and because there was company in the house, he couldn’t act on it. Well, in this The Boys meme you have Homelander (Antony Starr) giving that “look.” It’s deadly, you know exactly what it means, and you hope like hell your company doesn’t leave too soon. Oh, and now that Homelander is playing his own version of father, we could see this look come about when it’s with his own son. Now that would be really something.

The Boys Memes – Aquaman vs The Deep

When it comes to The Boys memes, The Deep gets run through it. Pretty much from the get-go, we knew that The Deep (Chace Crawford) was a dead fish. True, he has the ability to talk to aquatic life and he can breathe underwater, but as for what he brings to The Seven – not much. This meme points out perfectly just how important The Deep is. Apparently, very little. He’s a joke among the Supes and the Boys as well. Though it’s not clear he’d be much better off over in the DC universe either.

Whatever the Deep is Doing

One more The Boys meme taking a shot at The Deep. This one, using Disney’s Cars as an example, perfectly illustrates where he sits in the pecking order. You have The Seven, you have The Boys, and then you have the Deep well off the track, trying to figure out what his true purpose is. He’s constantly screwing things up and his own direction is almost always wrong.

The Boys Memes – Scared and Horny

She is most definitely a look. The “she” is Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and her powers involve light. In this fun meme, we get to see one picture of Starlight blasting away with her powers, while the picture below has comedian Bill Hader at his Saturday Night Live reporting desk claiming to be both scared and horny. We don’t blame you. There are plenty of The Boys characters who feel exactly the same way.

The Boys Memes – That Rising Toilet Water

the boys memes

Yikes. Perhaps you’ve been there before. At a friend’s house, using their toilet, and as you flush, the water begins to rise. The look that Homelander is giving in this meme says it all in this The Boys meme. It’s a terror and panic that no one wants to deal with. You can only hope there is a plunger nearby. Because if not, this face is about to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

The Boys Memes – America and its Reality

the boys memes

This meme illustrates the good and bad of superheroes and uses America as its example. Above we have Henry Cavill’s Superman representing how the country sees itself – clean, virtuous, and standing for something. Below him, we get Homelander, which is the reality of what America is all about. If anything, this one cuts a little too close for some folks out there for sure. What do you think? Is it true?

The Boys Memes – Must We Wait?

the boys memes

Homelander lead us into this The Boys meme as an excited person, thrilled that The Boys have released episodes 1-3 at the same time. Nothing like a good binge, that is, until you have to wait another week for Episode 4 to come out. Such is the way with streaming these days when it comes to timing. No, Homelander is not happy.

The Boys Memes – Superhero Show for Kids?

the boys memes

We are not sure which “superhero” makes for better The Boys memes, The Deep or Homelander. Obviously, for this one, Homelander is spot on with his maniacal laugh. This time he brings it out when someone asks if The Boys is a superhero show for kids. Kids don’t belong anywhere near this series. It’s just too violent and crazy to pass muster when it comes to younger viewing. The internet world surely understands this better than anyone.

The Boys Memes – Mad Dad

Mad Dad Meme