See The Boys Star Chace Crawford Getting Ripped For Season 4

Chace Crawford, who plays The Deep on Amazon Prime's The Boys, shows off his body and his workout routine on social media.

By Zack Zagranis | Published

The Boys Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford, star of The Boys, is showing off his chiseled abs on Twitter. The actor who plays aquatic jerk The Deep on Amazon Prime‘s naughty superhero show posted a pic on The Boys official Twitter today of himself in a doorway hanging from a pull-up bar. Crawford is shirtless in the picture–no doubt to show off his flawless upper body–wearing only a pair of grey sweatpants.

Whatever training regiment Chace Crawford is following to get in shape for The Boys is clearly working. Luckily one weight he doesn’t have to carry is the show. Chace is part of one of the best ensembles on streaming right now.

For the last three seasons, The Boys‘ cast has been killing it with the kind of chemistry that can only come from a group that really likes each other. Nowhere is this camaraderie more evident than right below Crawford’s tweet, where the first comment is from none other than The Boys Antony Starr calling Chace “a hunk.” It’s hard to argue with Starr’s assessment.

Crawford’s modest sweatpants are a far cry from the orange and green outfit he wears on The Boys. The Deep’s costume consists of a sleeveless skintight body suit covered in scales. The orange and green color scheme was chosen to mimic the character The Deep is based on: DC’s Aquaman.

the boys chace crawford
Chace Crawford as The Deep and Anthony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

As uncomfortable as Chace’s rubber suit looks, it could be worse. The Deep from the comic book The Boys that the Amazon Prime show is based on wears a clunky antique diving helmet that no doubt weighs a ton. And though the orange and green suit isn’t as comfortable as a pair of sweatpants, it does do a better job of showing off Crawford’s…um…other assets.

Chace Crawford’s The Boys co-star Simon Pegg confirmed recently that the 4th season of the popular show had finished shooting. Unfortunately, no release date for The Boys season 4 has been announced yet. Even with the principal shooting done, there’s still post-production to take care of, so it might be a while before we get to see The Boys back in action.

One thing that won’t have to be added in post is The Deep’s muscles. Along with an impressive six-pack, Chase Crawford’s tweet showcases his ridiculously shredded arms. With guns like that, The Deep looks like he can take on Butcher and The Boys all by himself.

Amazon has been tight-lipped about what will happen in the new season of The Boys, but if the previous three seasons are any indication, there will be plenty of scenes of gratuitous violence and sex. For the Deep, specifically, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is no doubt if the hero will fall in love with another octopus.

Could it be that Chace Crawford’s real motivation for getting swole was so that he could fight off any frisky cephalopods that try to get too friendly? Probably not, but you never know. When The Boys is involved everything is on the table.

From octopus lovin’ to exploding phalluses, one thing The Boys isn’t is boring.