See Erin Moriarty From The Boys Go All Leg In Sexy Pink Dress

Erin Moriarty flashed a pink dress and all leg on Instagram while out with friend and The Boys costar Karen Fukuhara.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

erin moriarty

It’s always fun for fans to discover the major differences between their favorite characters and the actors who bring them to life. For example, in The Boys, Erin Moriarty plays Starlight, a young hero who started hating the spotlight once she realized how corrupt the world of corporate superheroes really is.

In real life, though, Erin Moriarty has no trouble shining in the spotlight (or starlight, as it were). We can see as much in these Instagram pictures in which she shows off so much sexy leg that her new codename might become Supergam.

erin moriarty

Of course, Erin Moriarty didn’t step into this particular spotlight on her own. These pictures give us the barest glimpse into a wild night out with her The Boyscostar, Karen Fukuhara. On the show, Fukuhara often alternates between being a deadly killer and deadly awkward in social situations. But as these pics prove, she has no trouble letting her hair down and partying with the best of them once the cameras stop rolling.

From the social media post, it’s clear that Erin Moriarty loves getting to spend time with her costar, both on and off the screen. This evening, for example, the two gals stepped out to celebrate Fukuhara’s birthday. And Moriarty didn’t hesitate to gush about what their friendship means, telling the world how her costar is great for both “constant laughs” as well as “partner-in-criming.”

While we doubt these girls flouted the law too much while they were out and about (or at least, not when they were snapping selfies), it should probably be considered a crime to look as good as they do.

In the first image, we see Erin Moriarty giving what would otherwise be a very serious face, but the finger on her lip turns her expression into more of a come-hither pout. Fukuhara is on a different page altogether, flashing a wide, toothy grin while extending her arm to the stars.

The following image and the one fans can’t stop talking about, shows Erin Moriarty lifting one long leg up as she pretends to straddle Karen Fukuhara. Once again, their faces are a hilarious mismatch: Moriarty looks like she is going for a smolder, but Fukuhara can’t stop laughing at the antics. With all of this leg on display, though, we can’t blame you if their faces weren’t the first thing you noticed.

Comparatively, the next two images of the sexy stars are much tamer. In the third image, we see Erin Moriarty planting a sweet kiss on her costar’s cheek, all while Fukuhara beams with joy. And in the fourth image, we can see both stars bidding goodbye with a classic “deuces” pose, complete with wearing facemasks on top of their heads like bandanas.

If you want more of this blend of sexiness and silliness, you should definitely follow Erin Moriarty on Instagram. But if you want to see more of these characters in The Boys, it may be a wait. While the fourth season began shooting last year, we don’t yet know when it will premiere on Amazon.

Until then, we can only hope the girls drag Karl Urban out to one of these shindigs…if he asks really nicely, Erin might even let him rock the pink dress this time around.