The Boys Creator Reveals His Next Major Franchise

By Jason Collins | Published

As the hype surrounding the upcoming Season 4 of The Boys reaches a fever pitch, the franchise co-creator, Darick Robertson, already has his next project lined up. To avoid any confusion, the upcoming project is a comic book titled Greaser: Gemini Blues, and the details surrounding the upcoming release are still largely being kept under tight wraps.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Comic

Darick Robertson announced the writing of his new series with storyboard artist Stephen B. Jones. However, The Boys co-creator didn’t share any details surrounding the four-issue series, although he described the upcoming comic as being dark and twisted, with Jones adding a more unique flavor to the work. He also added that he’s pretty satisfied with the work so far, stating that he has aspirations for a sequel already but that it would go by a different subtitle under the Greaser umbrella.

Robertson Teases Greaser On Social media

No other details have been shared, but following his statement, Darick Robertson shared an image on social media—a green-skinned individual with blue eyes and white/gray hair, indicating that the upcoming project is a sci-fi title involving aliens. The comic will be published by Magma Comix, a relatively new publisher formed by former IDW editor Denton Tipton, who started the publishing business with the intent to focus exclusively on creator-owned projects. More details on Greaser should drop on April 18.

Some Of His Best Work Is Outside Of DC And Marvel

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Though he was always fascinated with the big Marvel and DC Comics heroes, Darick Robertson excels best when working on his own creations, ranging from the dark and twisted take on superheroes in The Boys, which he co-created with Garth Ennis, to his sci-fi Transmetropolitan, written with Warren Ellis. The list also includes the existential crime drama Happy! co-created with Grant Morrison, known for his Batman and Superman comics.

The Boys

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After penning the canceled Nightcrawler for Marvel Comics and his departure from The Wolverine, Darick Robertson resigned from his exclusivity at Marvel and reunited with Garth Ennis on a project proposed four years before—that project would become the superhero satire known as The Boys. The project would permit Robertson extensive creative control with the opportunity to produce a completely original work with his own characters and cover designs.

In response to this project, DC/Wildstorm Comics offered Darick Robertson an exclusive contract, which would also see him working on the Batman comics and a re-launch of The Authority series. However, the publisher decided to cancel The Boys after six issues despite the comic book having garnered universal acclaim upon release. With the whole planned collection of issues now canceled, Robertson took The Boys to Dynamite Entertainment, and the rest is history.

Is Greaser Destined To Get A Live-Action Adaptation As Well?

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Now that the streaming adaptation of The Boys is scheduled to release yet another season on June 13, 2024, and with the comic book finally concluded (the epilogue story was published in 2021)it seems like high time for Darick Robertson to grace us with yet another fantastic comic book story. As stated above, the details surrounding the narrative are still scarce, but there’s little reason to doubt that the upcoming narrative will be an absolute blast for the fans of Darick Robertson’s work.

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