Superman And Lois Delivers First Look At Lois And Clark

By Faith McKay | 6 months ago

superman and lois logo

The CW has released the first full-length look at Lois and Clark in their upcoming series. The new promo image shows the pair on the Kent Farm in Smallville, offering a closer look at what’s going to make Superman and Lois different from previous Superman stories.

Check out the first look at Superman and Lois, or rather, Clark and Lois:

superman and lois

Reporter Lois Lane has always been a bit of a city girl. We see her chasing stories in blazers and high heels. In this new promo image, married Lois Lane/Kent is wearing a brown jacket and jeans. Still pretty modern and fancy, but more farm appropriate. Clark Kent has ditched the thicker black frames for a more modern pair. The two look like a modern couple from the city, new to their farm, which means the promo image is telling us exactly what Superman and Lois is going to be about

We normally follow Superman and Lois Lane meeting in the city. We see them working at the Daily Planet. There should be that key moment in the series where Lois Lane finally puts together that the man in the glasses she talks to everyday, Clark Kent, is the same as that guy in the cape she’s been chasing around for news stories. The deviations from this are diving deep into Superman’s origins, like we saw in Smallville.

In this new series for the Arrowverse, we’re going to be following the characters as they move to Smallville, Kansas and go about raising their sons. Superman and Lois is Lois & Clark, all grown up. We’re following the Kent family now. We’ll see them struggle to be working parents and put an emphasis on having a “normal” life, while balancing all that saving the world business.

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The new series stars Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane/Kent. Both have appeared previously in other Arrowverse series. Mostly, we’ve seen Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Supergirl. This will be the seventh series to join the Arrowverse universe.

Filming for Superman and Lois was previously delayed due to the pandemic. Superman and Lois was meant to premiere in the fall of 2020. So far, we have an idea of the plot of the show. We don’t have any hints at whether they’ll be facing down any of the big baddies we expect to see them dealing with, like Lex Luthor. It stands to reason the classic villains may appear as threats to their sons. This new promo image hints that in the early episodes anyway, a lot of the plot may be simpler crime battles and more “how do we make time for family dinner?”. It’ll be interesting to see how the show balances those struggles to keep the superhero show from becoming a family comedy.

Clark will definitely still be wearing the suit, as we saw last week when an official promo image was released with Superman’s new suit design. We’ve also seen the pair together from the waist up, with him in his suit and an icy looking background.


The series was picked up for a full 13 episodes. You can catch the first episode of Superman and Lois live on The CW Tuesday, February 23, 2021 after the season 7 premiere of The Flash