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Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, recently revealed that Steven Yeun will be playing the Sentry in an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film. According to IGN, the screenwriter and producer, who also wrote the original Walking Dead comic book, let the news slip in the interview with fellow comic book professional, artist David Finch. Finch is known for his work on The New Avengers and Moon Knight, along with Cyberforce, among others.

Steven Yeun Cast As Sentry In Thunderbolts


The character Steven Yeun will be playing was part of the New Avengers in 2005, subsequently appearing in the Dark Avengers and the Mighty Avengers. Otherwise known as Robert Reynolds, Sentry got his start in 2000 with The Sentry #1, followed by team-ups with characters such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the Hulk. His cinematic debut is set to come in 2025 in the MCU film Thunderbolts, which is slated for release in July of that year.

Sentry In Marvel Comics


Steven Yeun will be wielding a lot of power in the role, at least eventually, assuming the film tells something of the Sentry’s origin story. In the comics, we meet Reynolds out of shape and middle-aged, having lost his memory of being a superhero. When he does begin to remember his powerful past, he recalls that he once possessed the power of “a million suns.”

The Sentry then must convince Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to join him in combating his nemesis, the Void. And we now know something about the version of the character Yeun will be playing, thanks to Kirkman, who definitely spoke without the approval of Marvel Studios. While speaking with Finch, Kirkman said he didn’t think he was giving away any spoilers but didn’t actually know or really care because he doesn’t work for Marvel so, he asked, “What are they going to do to me?”

Yeun Drops The News

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Apparently, Kirkman got the news of Steven Yeun’s casting via a phone call from the actor, who is known for his work on The Walking Dead. Yeun had just come back from a costume fitting at Marvel and dropped not only the name of his character, but the colors of his costume—blue and yellow— which happen to be the same as another superhero he played, Invincible.

This means Yeun will be playing the classic version of the character in his original costume, though we can only draw inferences about what part of the Sentry’s story will be contained in the film based on that information.

Thunderbolts Is A Different Kind Of Marvel Movie

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Jake Schreier, the film’s director, said the movie would be something different from other MCU films, which could mean Steven Yeun will be playing a version of the character that is different from what audiences might expect or remember. For example, the comic book version of Reynolds eventually remembers that he had removed his own memory of being the Sentry, as well as everyone else’s memory of his existence. This was to prevent him from rejoining with the Void, who is actually the other half of himself.

Thunderbolt’s Cast


Whether the version of the Sentry to be played by Steven Yeun will be involved in this particular character arc, especially in his introduction, remains to be seen. What we do know is that the film will see some fan favorites returning, such as Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier and the highly anticipated Harrison Ford as Thaddeus Ross, who will by that time have made his debut in the role in Captain America: Brave New World.

The cast also includes Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Olga Kurylenko as Taskmaster, Wyatt Russell as John Walker/US Agent, Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost, and David Harbour as Red Guardian.

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