Captain America: Brave New World Undergoing Massive Reshoots, Sequel In Trouble?

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Move over, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom because you aren’t the only movie churning out reshoot rumors. According to Jeff Sneider of The Hot Mic, Anthony Mackie’s big-screen break into picking up the shield of Captain America in Brave New World is facing some big problems. Apparently, a batch of negative test scores has sent the cast and crew back to the drawing board – or rather the set – where they’ll need to redo a handful of scenes.

Captain America: Brave New Worls Isn’t Scoring Well With Test Audiences

anthony mackie

On top of the reshoots, it was reported that there were three “major” parts from Captain America: Brave New World that just didn’t cut it with those test audiences, so they’ll be completely knocked from the production. At this time, it’s believed that filming will pick up beginning in January 2024, with a projected end of May 2024. This goes in line with what we’ve recently learned about the movie as it was initially set to open on July 26, 2024, but has been pushed back to February 14, 2025.

The Upcoming Film’s Release Date Has Been Puched Into 2025

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The news surrounding Captain America: Brave New World’s new release date came following this week’s announcement that the historical SAG-AFTRA strike has finally come to an end. After four long months of picketing and fighting for their rights, the union made a deal with studios allowing them to finally return to work. However, the ripple effect that is now running through the industry is seeing release calendars changed and TV shows canceled.

Disney Cancels Network Shows And Pushes Back More Movie Titles


ABC announced that it would be axing The Rookie: Feds following its first season while The Good Doctor spin-off The Good Lawyer was completely pulled from having a premiere season. Luckily for Marvel fans, Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts, Blade, and Deadpool 3 aren’t receiving the axe but are just going to be a much longer wait than expected. Still, there are a handful of Marvel films arriving in 2024.

Deadpool 3 Takes Captain America’s Spot

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Kicking things off at the top of the year will be the Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney-led Madame Web with the highly-anticipated return of Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3 on July 26, 2024 – thus taking the spot previously held by Captain America: Brave New World. Then, Kraven the Hunter is still on target to make its August 30, 2024 premiere while Tom Hardy is back in action when Venom 3 arrives on November 8.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Having first picked up the shield and the responsibility that comes with it at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson really started cooking as Captain America in the Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The end of the series saw Sam Wilson fully stepping into the role of one of Earth’s mightiest heroes with Captain America: Brave New World set to be his big-screen debut as the character. 

Harrison Ford In Captain America: Brave New World

Along with Anthony Mackie in the leading role, Captain America: Brave New World will also star Harrison Ford, Tim Blake Nelson, and Liv Tyler. While it may be a long road until we see the finished product, hopefully, the reshoots that filmmaker Julius Onah and the rest of his team are making will turn Captain America 4 into a box office crusher.