Stargate Trends With #WeWantStargate After Our Reboot News

By Matthew Creith | Published

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The entertainment industry is known to reboot popular films and television series when demand for the project becomes so high that it cannot be avoided. In modern times, this has included reboots of popular Frank Sinatra films like that of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, Netflix relaunching family comedies like One Day at a Time, all the way to Saved by the Bell getting its shot on Peacock. Campaigns to help save shows from cancellation have proved to be successful for vehicles like Friday Night Lights, Under the Dome, and Family Guy. However, cult favorite Stargate seems to be the newest addition to this list as the fan campaign to reboot the film appears to be in full swing.

As Giant Freakin Robot reported last week, Stargate is poised to be rebooted by Prime Video, and Amazon is attempting to secure the original cast of the 1994 film to reprise their roles in the proposed reboot. Since this news became public from our site, fans took to social media to air their desires to have the Stargate reboot come to fruition. On Twitter specifically, the hashtag #WeWantStargate began trending, resulting in a variety of memes and pleas for more storylines surrounding the franchise as a whole. Below are some of the tweets carrying the hashtag.

The film that launched the Stargate franchise starred Kurt Russell, James Spader, and Jaye Davidson in an unexpected hit. The movie was budgeted at $55 million but went on to gross close to $200 million at the box office. A stargate, as described in the film, is a device that can create wormholes. When accessed, a person can move all around the universe if a similar tool exists elsewhere. Similar to that of 2001: A Space Odyssey and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Stargate is largely influenced by the existence of extraterrestrial beings, their influence, and their interactions with the human race.

Due to the popularity of the 1994 film after it was released, several iterations have been added to complete the Stargate franchise. The most popular is Stargate SG-1, a television series based on the original film that ran for ten seasons starting in 1997. Since then, four other series have been produced, in live-action, animated, and web series format. Two direct-to-video sequels were released to limited fanfare, none of which costarred any of the original actors from Stargate.

At this point, no actors have been confirmed for the Stargate reboot, but the demand from fans and Amazon is clearly there. In a striking turn of events, Liam Hemsworth is currently being sought for a role in the project, an exclusive Giant Freakin Robot reported on today. According to IMDB, Kurt Russell doesn’t have any filming coming up at this time, while James Spader recently wrapped the ninth season of The Blacklist, which he starred on since its inception. The Blacklist has been renewed for a tenth season, according to CinemaBlend.