Star Trek’s Kate Mulgrew Joins New Series

Star Trek alum Kate Mulgrew has joined the Apple TV series Sinking Spring.

By Mark McKee | Published

Star Trek has made big names out of numerous people who have helmed their own ship, from Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard and William Shatner’s James T. Kirk to smaller spinoffs like Scott Bakula’s Jonathan Archer and Avery Brooks’ Benjamin Sisko, but the first woman to helm her own ship was Kate Mulgrew’s Kathryn Janeway. After stepping off the bridge, Mulgrew went on to have a long career of brilliant performances, but will perhaps always be known as the trailblazing Starfleet captain. In her newest attempt to leave interstellar travel behind, Variety reports that Mulgrew has joined the cast of Apple TV’s new series, Sinking Spring

Sinking Spring will follow a group of long-time friends and delinquents in the city of brotherly love, Philidelphia, as they impersonate DEA agents to rob a country house in the middle of nowhere. Their plan goes wrong when the house turns out to be a cover for one of the largest drug trafficking rings in the entire eastern region of the United States. Star Trek‘s Kate Mulgrew is set to appear as Theresa Bowers, one of the main character’s adoptive mother who stepped in to raise him as her own child following a tragedy. 

Star Trek‘s Starfleet Captain Kathryn Janeway isn’t the only role Kate Mulgrew gained notoriety for being in a leadership position in a long-running, beloved series. She spent 91 episodes as the Russian inmate Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov in the series based on the novel Orange is the New Black, also starring Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, a woman who is convicted of drug trafficking and goes from her elite New York lifestyle to a new reality in prison. Mulgrew’s Red was the go-to de facto leader of the inmates and served as the adoptive mother of many of the women. 

Kate Mulgrew
Kate Mulgrew in Orange Is The New Black Season 5

There was also another leadership role in a government agency in addition to Star Trek that Mulgrew took on and lent her stellar aura and presence. She appeared this year in an anthology series called First Lady, following the lives and events surrounding the First Ladies who have accompanied the most powerful men in the free world, including Michelle Obama (Viola Davis), Betty Ford (Michelle Pfeiffer), and Elenor Roosevelt (Gillian Anderson). Mulgrew appeared as Susan Sher, who acted as the Chief of Staff (ultimately the number two who manages and supervises the direction of the First Lady’s staff) to Michelle Obama. 

Mulgrew is joining the cast of Sinking Spring alongside Brian Tyree Henry, who is best known as Honolulu in the action thriller Hotel Artemis, the Arkham Clerk in Joaquin Phoenix’s film, Joker, and Lemon in this summer’s blockbuster Bullet Train. Michael Mando, best known as Nacho in Better Call Saul, will play Manny, and Marin Ireland, best known as Sissy Cooper in The Umbrella Academy and also appeared in The Irishman and Y: The Last Man, will play Kristy. While Star Trek may have given Kate Mulgrew her biggest role in her career, and she still returns on occasion, she has gone on to build an incredible career that AppleTV is ready to keep going.