Star Trek Just Showed Us Captain Kirk’s First Ship, It’s Not The Enterprise

The big season finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds brought as a new ship. See it up close and in detail here.

By Josh Tyler | Updated

James T. Kirk first ship

Warning: Spoilers follow for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 1, episode 10.

The big season one finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds took us to an alternate timeline in which James T. Kirk ends up the captain of a ship called the Farragut, while Christopher Pike remains captain of the Enterprise. But the Farragut isn’t just James Kirk’s first ship in this alternate reality, it’s his first ship in prime reality too.

It’s in the Star Trek original series episode “Obsession” that we learn James T. Kirk’s first Starfleet posting was aboard a ship called the Farragut, starting out as an ensign straight out of the academy and then rapidly working his way up the ranks there. It’s only when he’s ready to captain his own ship that Kirk gets assigned to the Enterprise. This means that in the prime timeline of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a Lieutenant James Kirk is out there somewhere aboard the Farragut, probably manning the weapons console (as his post is explained in “Obsession”) under the Farragut’s Captain Garrovick.

Until now we’ve never really known what the Farragut looked like. Fans and beta canon material often speculated it was a Constitution class like the Enterprise, but thanks to the alternate reality of Strange New Worlds’ season 1 finale episode, we now know it looks like this…

The ship is a Farragut class, which means Farragut is the first of its type. Its registry number is NCC-1647, which tells us it’s a bit older than the Enterprise, since her registry is NCC-1701. It bears a passing resemblance to the Miranda class ship, made famous by the Reliant in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

A Miranda class starship

But it’s really more of an early era version of the Nebula class, a ship which frequently shows up in the background of Star Trek: The Next Generation crew adventures…

Nebula class ship
A Nebula class starship

Unfortunately, midway through the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 1 finale, the Farragut is destroyed by the same Romulan weapon that nearly took out the Enterprise in the original series under command of Captain Kirk…

But the Farragut still exists in the prime timeline of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. It’s possible the Farragut might show up again in Strange New Worlds season 2, with a young Lieutenant James T. Kirk sitting at the navigation station and manning her weapons.

Captain Kirk first ship

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