Celebrity Jeopardy Winner Says Ghost Helped $1 Million Win

By Brian Myers | Published

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Actress Lisa Ann Walter won the mega-prize on a Celebrity Jeopardy! episode that aired March 19, raking in a $1 million jackpot that she says the ghost of her mother is partially responsible for. Walter claimed during an interview on Live With Kelly and Mark that the supernatural event occurred during the final moments of the game, a single question known as Final Jeopardy. Walter says that while she was drawing a blank to answer that pivotal question (or, in proper Jeopardy parlance, give a question for the answer), her mother’s voice visited her and gave her the correct response.

The Butler Did It

celebrity jeopardy

The Final Jeopardy “answer” asked for participants to identify a four-word cliche that is often accredited with a 1930 Mary Roberts Rinehart novel titled The Door. Before the final seconds ticked down to end the final episode of this year’s Celebrity Jeopardy!, Walters (with the help of her mother) was able to jot down “the butler did it.”

What Would Mulder And Scully Say?

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Walter said that her mother was a teacher and an avid mystery reader. Was her inspiration to answer correctly on Celebrity Jeopardy! really the result of her deceased mother communicating with her from the beyond, or was her reaction the result of a long-ago memory of her mother’s favorite books popping up from her subconscious? No matter the reason, Walters seemed enthusiastic about her win and pointed out how much harder it is to play the game in person on a soundstage than it is from the comfort of your living room.

All For A Good Cause

Walters joked about how this was the first time that the ghost of her mother ever visited her, and her visit during Celebrity Jeopardy! couldn’t have come at a better time. The Abbot Elementary star walked away with a solid win and donated her million-dollar payday to The Entertainment Community Fund. The not-for-profit assists entertainers and performing artists with a financial safety net over the course of their careers.

Walter’s Appearances

Walter’s career has been a long and winding one, consisting of small parts in films and walk-on roles on a multitude of television shows. Aside from the Celebrity Jeopardy! appearance, Walters is most recognizable as Melissa Schemmenti in the ABC sitcom Abbot Elementary. She has also had notable appearances in Grey’s Anatomy, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Nip/Tuck, as well as roles in the films Drillbit Taylor and Bruce Almighty.

It Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

Walters spoke of how nerve-wracking it was to appear on Celebrity Jeopardy!, claiming that it was a big struggle to not sweat into her leather jacket. Along with trying to keep cool, Walters says that what she found the toughest was figuring out the buzzer, noting that if you buzz in too early, you’re locked out from buzzing in again until the other two contestants buzz in and give incorrect answers.

She Thanks More Than Her Mom

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Walter was also quick to point out that it wasn’t just the otherworldly visit from her mother that she is crediting with her big win. The actress also said that some luck, combined with being the only contestant out of the three that wrote down the correct Final Jeopardy answer in Celebrity Jeopardy! also contributed to her victory.

Sources: People