New Star Trek Movie Officially Announced With A Release Date

By Drew Dietsch | 1 month ago

star trek logo

It’s official. A new Star Trek movie is on the way. Paramount announced the project and it was relayed through the official Star Trek website. They have even gone ahead and slated a date for this newest movie: June 9, 2023. In two years, we will be going back to the final frontier.

However, that is all that Paramount has let out about this new Star Trek movie. There is no confirmation about what the film will be about. That includes whether or not it will be a continuation of the Kelvinverse movies. Will this even be connected to the USS Enterprise and familiar characters that we have seen in other iterations of the franchise? Or is this going to be a completely new take on the property? We have heard a lot of interesting things about the future of the franchise when it comes to movies. From hearing that the movies would be going R-rated to an entire film being set on Earth, and even that the next installment would skip theaters and be exclusive to Paramount+. None of this was confirmed with Paramount’s official announcement. However, you can bet the speculation and news-hunting is about to ramp up in a massive way.

We know that there is certainly a section of fans that hope this new Star Trek movie will be a fourth entry in the Kelvinverse saga. There have been rumors about that film swirling for years now. Chris Pine has sounded like he was more than happy to come back to the role of James T. Kirk, and the most recent scoops said that this fourth film would reunite Kirk with his father, played by Chris Hemsworth. Is that still the plan or has something else come along? Is it Noah Hawley’s supposed script? What about that Quentin Tarantino version we heard about? Just what direction is the franchise going to head in with this new fourth film?

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If we were to hazard a guess at what this new Star Trek movie will entail, w have to think that it won’t be a direct follow-up to the Kelvinverse movies. If it was, it is more likely that Paramount would have announced it as exactly that. Instead, it is only said that this new film will be in the Star Trek Universe. With things remaining that vague, we are willing to wager that this will be a new direction for the feature films in the franchise. Just what that direction will be is a total guess at this point, but we will certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open for any significant clues about this. Could it be connected to our recent scoop about Paramount trying to get Tom Hardy and other notable villains back into the series?

Whatever the case may be, a new Star Trek movie is just two years away. Here’s hoping we get a movie that does the property justice and helps energize a brand new generation of fans to boldly go where no one has gone before.