Win A Role In Star Wars: Episode VII And Dinner With J.J. Abrams… For Charity!

By Nick Venable | Published

How would you like to be a part of Giant Freakin’ Robot’s next Star Wars: Episode VII casting rumors? How would you like a chance to possibly share the big screen with stars like Adam Brody, Lupita Nyong’o, and Harrison Ford’s assed-out ankle? Look no further for one of the most amazing contests that a sci-fi fan could ever hope of entering.

The charity foundation Omaze is asking for your help, and they’re teaming with Unicef and Star Wars: A Force for Change to support Unicef Innovation Labs and Programs, which works with projects all over the world in developing services and products for children. (Solar-powered devices, educative tech, etc.) Not only do they have quality rewards, but each $10 donation gets you one chance entered into a truly geektastic drawing.

Sure, the most important thing is helping children, but the children in all of us might want to shoot a scene of Star Wars: Episode VII, which is the top prize. The winner and a friend will be flown to London, England to be Abrams’ VIP on-set guest. (The hotel is paid for, too.) While they’re wisely keeping it open as to what kind of a scene it will be, I’m assuming it’s a crowd shot or another instance where contest winners will not be front and center. Or else something like this might happen…

There are 21 days left to enter, but if you do it in the next few hours, you can win yourself an afternoon at Bad Robot Productions in Los Angeles for lunch with Abrams. You know all that fan fiction you have about J.J. Abrams making sandwiches in the dark so that even he doesn’t know what’s on it? You can make those dreams come true right here.

But even if you don’t win any of the contests, spending a bunch of money for this fundraiser can net you some pretty sweet Star Wars gear. Lower donations get limited edition posters and T-shirts, but once you start spending thousands of dollars, you can get lithographs, a Chewbacca bust, or a lightsaber replica kit. $10,000 gets you a signed Star Wars: Episode VII script and lightsaber hilt. $25,000 gets you a VIP tour and advanced preview screening of the final film. And, drum roll, for $50,000, you and 19 other people can watch an advanced screening of Episode VII in or around your hometown. No blabbermouths, I’m assuming.

So I can’t afford any of that, but maybe you can, and maybe you want to be in Star Wars: Episode VII. Kill two birds with one stone. Hey, the birds shot first!