Sweet Alien Concept Art From American Horror Story: Asylum

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Here at GFR, we didn’t really talk about American Horror Story: Asylum, due to it being, well, a horror story, in general. Nothing to do with it being American, folks. I adore the show and its rampant batshittery, and covered it weekly at our sister site Cinema Blend, as my taste for horror is slightly higher than my taste for sci-fi. One of the more promising plot points this season brought to us, though it completely failed to deliver much in the end, was the inclusion of alien abductions, and how it tied in with one of the characters. The eventual explanation was really only hinted at, and was befitting for a Twilight Zone episode during which one falls asleep five minutes before the ending.


Though the aliens themselves only played into rapid-cut scenes that looked the intro to a Dan Ackroyd paranormal show, we can now know for certain what they look like, thanks to concept art from artist Jerad S. Marantz, who designed these creatures and others for show creator Ryan Murphy and makeup/effects designer Christian Tinsley.

All in all, it was a missed opportunity to inject some good sci-fi into a show that featured a crucifixion, a screaming ex-Nazi, Satan as a slutty nun, mutants, and a rollicking dance number or two. You know, hard sci-fi. None of that goofy shit. But it’s still pretty sweet to know that someone created something this sick looking, only to have it show up on screen for less than a minute.