American Horror Story Defied The Strikes And Kept Filming, Here’s How

By Douglas Helm | Updated

american horror story
Kim Kardashian in promotional art for American Horror Story: Delicate

The upcoming season of American Horror Story already has some controversy around it due to the production’s decision to keep filming during the WGA strike. However, AHS Season 12 went through efforts to work around the picket lines and the strike to keep the production of the season going (via CultureSlate). Producer and series director Ryan Murphy was able to stay on the set during the strike as long as he wasn’t writing or making re-writes during the production.

American Horror Story was able to keep filming its twelfth season during the WGA Strike because series creator Ryan Murphy agreed to stop writing or make no re-writes during production.

Deadline also reported that the cast members were using a studio back entrance to avoid the picket lines.

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy also threatened litigation against former WGA Strike Captain and co-chair of the Strike Rules Compliance Committee Warren Leight after Leight made claims on social media that crew members told him they would be “blackballed in Murphy-land” if they took part in the strike.

Murphy responded that the claims were inaccurate and demanded an apology, which caused Leight to rescind the comment, apologize, and be relieved of his WGA strike position. Meanwhile, American Horror Story Season 12 has been getting a lot of attention because Kim Kardashian will have a starring role in the season, and she has also come under fire from people criticizing her for not using her platform to support the strike.

American Horror Story: Delicate is the twelfth season of the FX anthology series and is based on Danielle Valentine’s book Delicate Condition. 

The rest of the cast includes Cara Delevingne, Matt Czuchry, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Odessa A’zion, and Zachary Quinto, though Kardashian has been getting the most heat on social media.

american horror story
Promotional art for American Horror Story: Delicate

Of course, the production of American Horror Story Season 12 finally shut down completely in July when SAG-AFTRA declared a strike of its own. This means that all SAG-AFTRA actors would not be able to work on AMPTP studio-produced projects until the strike is over. Since the majority of the AHS cast are SAG-AFTRA actors, the production was no longer able to continue going.

American Horror Story: Delicate is the twelfth season of the FX anthology series and is based on Danielle Valentine’s book Delicate Condition. While co-creator Ryan Murphy is undoubtedly involved creatively in the series in several ways, Halley Feiffer was announced as the season’s showrunner, making it the first AHS season where Murphy isn’t in that role. It’s also the first season to be adapted from source material rather than being an original story.

American Horror Story: Delicate

There isn’t a ton of information about what American Horror Story: Delicate will be about, but you could probably guess what the plot will be by looking at the synopsis of the source material. The novel follows an actress who becomes convinced someone is trying to prevent her from conceiving a child.

It seems like the season will follow this closely, as the teaser trailer featured Kardashian, Roberts, and Delevingne and motherhood imagery, such as Kardashian holding a baby and a spooky rendition of “Rock-a-bye Baby.”

Since American Horror Story continued to film during the WGA strike, it seems likely the initial release date won’t be affected. The season is set to be split into two parts, so the first part will likely remain on track. The premiere is set for a September 20 release date.