Alexandra Breckenridge’s Best Movies & TV Shows If You Like Virgin River

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Alexandra Breckenridge movies and tv shows

Alexandra Breckenridge gets around. She has played various roles in many TV shows, occasionally crossing over to movies. Mainly though, Alexandra Breckenridge has made a name for herself on television.

Her resume includes bit series such as Dawson’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Life Unexpected, and True Blood. Most of these were one-offs.

She does have roles in TV or features that employed more of her time, so for that reason, we decided to give her career a Giant Freakin Score and on this one, we have included both TV and features. See if you agree with our GFS algorithm.

These are Alexandra Breckenridge’s must-see performances in movies and TV shows.

THIS IS US (2017-2018, 2020)

Alexandra Breckenridge TV Show


It is hard to disagree with this one. This Is Us is a wonderful TV series – funny, heart-warming, and heart-breaking. It stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore as Jack and Rebecca, who have triplets (the Big Three) Kevin, Kate, and Randall, and tells their stories in multiple time periods. There are flashbacks and flashforwards and present-day stories.

Alexandra Breckenridge came on board during the TV show’s first season in a recurring role as Kevin’s childhood love and eventual ex-wife as well as Kate’s childhood best friend. She became a regular for season two and then went to a guest role in seasons 3 and 4.

As Sophie, Breckenridge went through a roller coaster of emotion as Kevin has been cheating on her with multiple women. They survive, barely, but as Kevin is in L.A. for his movie, he finally breaks it off with her for good, telling her he cannot be the man he wants and needs to be for her.

Kevin does try one more time to make things right between the two, but Sophie can no longer put herself through it.


Alexandra Breckenridge TV Show


Alexandra Breckenridge’s run on The Walking Dead is fairly brief (11 episodes), but definitely significant. She plays Jessie Anderson, living in the Alexandria Safe Zone with her abusive husband Pete, and their sons Ron and Sam.

Alexandra Breckenridge’s Jessie comes into Rick Grimes’ life when she first gives him supplies as a newcomer and then again to calm Rick when he panics for losing sight of Carl and Judith.

Slowly, Jessie and Rick develop feelings as Rick is there to help her with Pete, who has been abusing her. After a fight with Rick, Pete ends up killing Reg Monroe by slitting his throat, Rick ends up killing Pete.

Season 6 is where Jessie and her young son Sam meet their gruesome end. Jessie, her boys, along with Rick and Carl have covered themselves in walker blood and guts and begin their slow trek through a massive herd. When Sam sees a young boy walker, he begins to make noise.

The walkers eventually realize Sam is real, so they attack. Rick tries to get her to leave him, but she can’t, so the walkers turn onto her. She is holding onto Carl’s arm and won’t let go, causing Rick to hack off her hand while she is being devoured so the walkers won’t get Carl. What a way for Alexandra Breckenridge to go out on this TV show..


American Horror Story


Alexandra Breckenridge appeared in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s TV Show American Horror Story: Murder House. She played a young Moira O’Hara, the maid to Constance (Jessica Lange) when she was alive.

Her ghost (played by Frances Conroy) continued on in the series, becoming Vivien Harmon’s (Connie Britton) comfort.

Alexandra Breckenridge TV Show
Alexandra Breckenridge on American Horror Story

As the young Moira, she had a one-time affair with Constance’s husband Hugo. Then Constance caught Hugo raping Moira and ended up killing the young woman by shooting her through the eye. She then buried the body in the backyard.

Another brutal end for Alexandra Breckenridge. She was only in six episodes of the first season but had a lasting effect, especially for Constance.


Alexandra Breckenridge movie


At least in this movie, Alexandra Breckenridge doesn’t meet a fatal end. This time, she is Kate, the fiancée to Conner Layne (played by Chris Masterson). When Conner catches Kate in a compromising position, he decides on their wedding day to bail out on her. Wise move but it sends Conner on the first plane out of the country, which ends up in Nicaragua.

The rest of this Alexandra Breckenridge movie is about Conner and his wanderlust, dealing with his life’s decisions and learning to cope with help from his fellow travelers. While Alexandra Breckenridge doesn’t play a huge part in the movie, she certainly pushes the film’s star in the direction he ultimately needed to go in.

If you like to see different parts of our world, filled with some humor and fun, along with a little Breckenridge naughtiness, this is your movie.

THE EX-LIST (2008)

Alexandra Breckenridge TV Show


The Ex-List is an Alexandra Breckenridge TV show that was a hard find when it aired back in 2008. It had a much-troubled production as the series creator Diane Ruggiero couldn’t agree with CBS on the direction of the show, so she quit halfway through production. 13 episodes were completed, only four aired on CBS. Nevertheless, the series received nice reviews.

The story is of a young woman told by a psychic that she has already dated her future husband sending the woman on an exploration of her past relationships to figure out who is the man. The psychic also warned her, if she doesn’t find the man within a year, she will remain single for the rest of her life.

Elizabeth Reaser starred in the main role as Bella and Alexandra Breckenridge was on board as one of the friends that helps Bella in her search. All 13 episodes have been available at one time or another, so if you happen to roll up on them, give it a shot.


Alexandra Breckenridge TV Show

Now 38 years old, Alexandra Breckenridge is still doing well in movies and on TV shows. She’s currently the star of the Netflix series Virgin River. The series follows her lead character Melinda, a recently widowed nurse from a big city who sees an ad for a midwife in a small town in the Northern California redwood forests.

She accepts the job and finds out that life in a small town is just as, if not more, complicated than in the big city. It’s a story of self-healing and one that Breckenridge handles well. The series is based on the Virgin River novels by author Robyn Carr.

Virgin River didn’t land on our best movies and tv shows list because it hasn’t really been reviewed by critics. But audiences are giving Alexandra Breckenridge’s new show marks and Virgin River has a 7.5/10 rating among IMDB users.

The GIANT FREAKIN SCORE is calculated using rating averages from Rotten Tomatoes and the Internet Movie Database.