Netflix Dark Psychological Drama Is The Best Series Ever About Death, Start Binging Now

By Matthew Flynn | Published

six feet under

Six Feet Under is one of the early HBO shows (along with The Wire and The Sopranos) that originally earned the channel a reputation for its prestige dramas. Now streaming on Netflix, the show has a chance to reach a new audience who either wasn’t around when it first aired or didn’t have access to it on HBO.

Six Feet Under

six feet under

Six Feet Under is a multi-genre narrative that blends elements of comedy, drama, black comedy, and psychological drama. Spanning five seasons from 2001 to 2005, the series tells the story of the Fisher family, who operate a funeral home business named Fisher & Sons.

The Brothers

six feet under

The Six Feet Under narrative delves into the complex lives of each family member. The eldest child, Nate Fisher, played by Peter Krause also of Parenthood, grapples with the existential dread of mortality while seeking purpose in his life. His brother David Fisher, brought to life by Michael C. Hall of Dexter, on the other hand, struggles to accept his sexuality.

Mother And Daughter

six feet under

Frances Conroy, also in American Horror Story, plays Ruth Fisher, their mother, who contends with repressed emotions and attempts to carve a new independent life for herself. Claire Fisher, the youngest sibling, embodies rebellion and creativity in her character. The show also features other key characters such as Federico Diaz, the business partner of the Fisher family, and Brenda Chenowith, Nate’s love interest who battles depression.

A Critical Darling

The reception of Six Feet Under was overwhelmingly positive. Critics and audiences alike lauded the series for its remarkable writing, exceptional acting, and the nuanced exploration of complex themes. The show bagged numerous accolades, including multiple Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Its finale, titled “Everyone’s Waiting,” is often held up as one of the most memorable TV finales in history.

Krause nabbed the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series in 2003, while Conroy secured the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2004. Moreover, the collective performance of the cast was recognized with the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2003.

Six Feet Under continued to accumulate awards throughout its run, including a total of nine Emmy Awards. These ranged from Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for the pilot episode, to Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for Patricia Clarkson. Other cast members, namely Michael C. Hall, Rachel Griffiths, Freddy Rodriguez, and Lauren Ambrose, all received acting nominations as well. Frances Conroy further added to her list of accolades by winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series in 2003. The show’s exploration of life’s greatest mysteries also earned it a Peabody Award.

A Lasting Legacy

Six Feet Under continues to leave a potent legacy on the landscape of television. Frequently featuring in compilations of the best TV shows ever made, it has also inspired a host of other series that succeeded it. Unflinchingly addressing topics such as death, family relationships, and existentialism, the series has had a profound impact on viewers that continues to resonate today.