The Michael C. Hall Crime Thriller Everyone Slept On, Stream This Hidden Gem For Free Right Now

By April Ryder | Published

michael c hall cold in july

Cold in July is an indie film gem starring Michael C. Hall (Dexter), and you’ve probably never even heard of it. Now streaming for free on Tubi TV, Cold in July is an American crime thriller directed by Jim Mickle.

Cold In July

Mickle and Nick Damici co-wrote the film based on the novel by the same name written by Joe R. Lansdale. Michael C. Hall (Richard Dane) is the main character in Cold in July, and he is joined by some notable talents, Sam Shepard (Ben Russell) and Don Johnson (Jim Bob Luke). 

Anyone who is a fan of Michael C. Hall’s work on the “killer” crime drama Dexter may be delighted to know that his performance in Cold in July will not disappoint.

He plays a strong southern man with a thick accent and a formidable mullet, and you’ll love it. 

Michael C. Hall Is Richard Dane

The movie’s plot centers around Hall’s character, Richard Dane. Dane is a family man who is awoken in the middle of the night by a burglar in his home.

Protecting his family, he ultimately shoots and kills the unknown intruder. Police identified the robber as Freddy Russell, a wanted felon. 

Feeling burdened and upset at what happened, Richard decides to visit the cemetery on the day of Freddy’s funeral. Things heat up a bit in Cold in July when Freddy’s father accosts Richard in his car and then proceeds to follow him as he leaves the cemetery. 

Movie Takes A Major Shift

Richard goes to the police station to report the behavior, but they brush him off, and he returns home. Upon returning home, Richard (carrying his son) discovers that someone has broken into their home. After that incident, the police placed a protective detail on the home. 

Once the police catch Freddy’s dad, Ben Russell (Sam Shepard), they invite Richard to the station to wrap up and close the case. While in the police station, Richard sees a wanted poster for Freddy Russell, and Cold in July makes a drastic shift. 

Cold In July Production

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The movie took a long time to finally come to the screen, as production on Cold in July didn’t even begin until more than seven years after Jim Mickle read the book. However, filming only took 25 days to complete in the Hudson Valley area of New York

IFC Films originally released Cold in July in theaters on May 23, 2014. The movie grossed just under $1.8 million worldwide … which is not bad for an indie film shot in under a month. 

Critical Reception

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Cold in July is “Certified Fresh” by the critics on Rotten Tomatoes with an 85 percent approval rating. In general, the movie was met with good reviews, and it continues to impress movie lovers to this day. Who wouldn’t want to dive into a movie with a tagline that states, “How many men can one bullet kill”?

Stream Cold In July With Michael C. Hall

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Cold in July can be found streaming for free on Tubi now. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 50 minutes and carries an “R” rating. You may not want to invite the kids to watch, but it’s certainly an engaging film for mom and dad.