Ronald D. Moore’s Outlander Premiere Episode Is Now Online

By Brent McKnight | Published

Starz’ new time travelling romance series Outlander doesn’t officially begin to air until this coming Saturday, August 9, but if you’ve got a hankering for Ronald D. Moore’s (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) latest show, you’re in luck. Over the weekend, the first episode appeared online and you can now watch it in its entirety.

The episode debuted recently at San Diego Comic-Con to positive feedback, and now those us who weren’t able to make it to the geeky mecca have the chance to take a look for ourselves via this handy-dandy YouTube video. Thanks, Starz.

Moore created Outlander based on the wildly popular series of novels by Diana Gabaldon. And by wildly popular, I mean that, across the eight novels that make up the franchise, there are more than 20 million copies in print across the globe, which isn’t half bad. This might be a good way to sooth your brain after being pummeled by a long summer of giant monsters and massive robots.

The story revolves around a World War II combat nurse named Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe). While on vacation in the Scottish Highlands with her husband Frank (Tobias Menzies), she encounters an unusual rock formation when low and behold she finds herself plummeting through time from 1945 all the way back to 1743. More than half of the first episode is taken up with the set up, introducing Claire and Frank, and watching them try to find that spark in their marriage that they lost during their time apart during the war.

When Claire falls back to 18th century Scotland, things start to get all kinds of crazy, more crazy than travelling back in time. Not long after arriving in old-timey times, right after she avoids some serious unpleasantness, she meets the dreamy outlaw warrior Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), who she is eventually forced to marry. Claire is smart and has a good survival instinct, and given the time period, and Jamie’s penchant for getting into tough scrapes, she is able to put her medical skills to good use. This romance becomes the core of the show, though Claire also has to try to figure out how to get back to her own time, we’ll see how that works out for her.

You can watch the entire Outlander panel from Comic-Con right here:

Season one of Outlander will be made up of 16 episodes, eight of which will air on Saturday nights this summer, while the second half will show up beginning in 2015.