Iconic Spaceships Made Out Of Spare Parts

By Brent McKnight | Updated

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The endless inventiveness of sci-fi fans never ceases to amaze and impress. They’re constantly crafting loving tributes to their favorite movies and television programs, showing their devotion in countless creative ventures. Take, for example, these iconic genre spaceships built from things like discarded computer components and various bits and pieces of automobiles.

The above is a replica of the USS Kelvin from Star Trek fame. General crafty man, Daniel Shankalonian, manufactured this out of “an ancient hard drive motor, hard drive reader arms, mother board capacitors, [and] a Toyota Corolla spark plug.” Many of us would look at these things and see trash, he saw a spacecraft soaring through the darkness.

Here’s another view of the Kelvin. The first image gives a sense of scale, but this one is clearer on the details…xlarge-3

This Klingon Bird of Prey came about due to the untimely demise of an HP laptop that was then cannibalized for parts and turned into an alien war machine…xlarge-1

What would a list of legendary science fiction spaceships be without at least a cameo appearance by the USS Enterprise. Also built out of a discarded, unloved hard drive, this little dude is boldly going where no model made from old computers has gone before…science-fiction-vessels-made-from-old-computer-parts_0-l

And lest you think this collection is getting a bit too Trek heavy, here is a facsimile of an X-Wing Fighter to add a little Star Wars into the mix. With all the bumpy bits and pieces that I don’t know the names of, this pretty closely resembles the surface of an actual X-Wing from the films…xlarge-2

Shankalonian sold out of the original run of these, but he promises that he’s feverishly working to crank out more. What would you like to see him make? A Slave 1 would be cool to see, maybe Red Dwarf, or a Viper from Battlestar Galactica.

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