It’s A Doctor Horrible Reunion As Nathan Fillion Visits Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppet Dreams

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

You may not know this, but Neil Patrick Harris has a thing for puppets. He’s the kind of guy who probably would have pledged a sizable amount to help Jason Segel’s character stage his Dracula puppet musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Thankfully, the Internet has provided NPH with a creative outlet for all that pent-up pup-stration, in the form of his web series, Neil’s Puppet Dreams (part of the YouTube Nerdist Channel). Only two episodes in and he’s already landed a major celebrity cameo: Captain Hammer himself. Taking a break from ABC’s Castle and daydreaming about Firefly, Nathan Fillion visits Harris’ Puppet Dreams in the form of a doctor who’s here to inspect NPH’s crotch.

Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion are two of our very favorite people, and if we can’t have NPH guest-starring on a newly resurrected run of Fillion’s Firefly, we’ll just have to make do with this. Thankfully, “this” involves Fillion playing doctor with Harris. Not that kind of playing doctor, you pervert. Although Neil Patrick Harris’ trouser weasel does play a major role. Check out the NSFW video below… and keep an ear open for the inevitable Dr. Horrible reference…