Cars And Kicks: Minimalist Posters Play Up Iconic Sci-Fi Vehicles And Footwear

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

GhostbustersA very wise man who happened to be dressed like a bat once posited that “It’s the car, right? Chicks love the car.” Indeed, saving the world wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if you didn’t get to do it while tooling around town in your very own unique set of wheels. You know it. I know it. Even Batman knows it, and he was being played by Val Kilmer at the time. And while Batman’s assorted -mobiles have gone through countless variations on a theme, he hasn’t got the market cornered on awesome vehicles. In fact, if you offered me a choice between my very own Batmobile or a fully tricked-out replica of the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters…I think we both know who I’m gonna call…

The moody poster image of Ecto-1 and the Ghostbusters doing the patented Hollywood “back to camera” pose is the creation of artist Nicolas Bannister. You get the car, you get its owner, and you get a short slogan or quote to tie it all together — he’s used that same setup for several other instantly recognizable sci-fi movie vehicles. Given the iconic nature of the DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future movies, it’s not surprising to see Bannister turn in multiple versions of a DeLorean poster. This one’s my favorite.


The DeLorean and Ecto-1 are easily the most indelibly associated with their respective franchises, but Bannister also serves up awesome vehicles from Akira, Jurassic Park, and The Road Warrior, not to mention James Bond’s badass submarine car that Elon Musk is so fond of.





Sticking with the minimalist style of his car posters, Bannister also created poster tributes to some of the genre’s most famous footwear (not the store, actual footwear that happens to be famous). Check out Bannister’s tributes to Luke Skywalker’s footwraps, Marty McFly’s self-lacing Nikes, the Tenth Doctor’s Converse trainers, Deckard’s simple black numbers from Blade Runner, and Ellen Ripley’s surprisingly awesome shoes from Aliens, which I somehow never noticed before now.






You can check out more of Bannister’s art on his Facebook page.