The 7 Best Star Trek Car Accessories

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You’ve spent your entire life dreaming of flying the Enterprise only to realize you’ll never do better than a 1994 Honda Civic. No problem. Now we’ve taken the time to find all the most awesome Star Trek car accessories to geek out your otherwise disappointing ride. So pick up those fast food wrappers in the back seat, put the portable jump starter and emergency tire compressor in the trunk and get ready to make room for Star Trek car bling. Keep reading to see which Star Trek car accessories we’ve beamed up for you.

star trek sun shade

1. Star Trek Passengers Car Sunshade

This sun shade can be put to good use during those bright summer months and it’s one of the cheapest things on this list. Even if it’s not sunny outside, you might want to leave it in your window just to see if anyone actually believes Mr. Spock is riding shotgun.

At 27 1/2″ x 58″, it fits most vehicles and displays Scotty, McCoy, Kirk, and Spock joyriding in your vehicle. I hope your car’s an automatic. If you’ve seen “A Piece of the Action” you know Kirk can’t drive stick.

The Star Trek Passengers Car Sunshade will cost you around $30 if you order it online.

LCars Car Accessory

2. LCARS License Plate Frame

If you’re into more subtle displays of Star Trek affection then consider this LCARS design license plate frame. Only the most Trekkie of Trekkies will know it for what it is. To non-Trekkies from far away it will look like a simple license plate frame with a pretty cool design on it. But you’ll always know what it is, every time you get behind the wheel and fire up your Galaxy Class Enterprise.

An LCARS license plate frame is cheap too. They cost under ten dollars and unless you’re dealing with the Ferengi there will be no charge for shipping.

Star Trek Delta Logo High Back Bucket Seat Cover

3. Star Trek Delta Logo High Back Bucket Seat Cover

Admit it – you’ve always dreamed about sitting in the Captain’s chair. Well, now you can kind of make that dream come true by outfitting your car with these cool Star Trek car seat covers which make it look like… well they make it look like you’re sitting on Kirk’s uniform. Ok it’s not exactly the Captain’s chair, but what do you expect for under $40?

These covers are designed for most high and low-backed bucket seats – as long as they don’t have arm rests. If you’re worried about installing them, don’t be. They work like any other automobile seat cover – elastic straps secure them into place. Don’t forget, you only get one seat cover per package – so you’ll need to order two of them to cover passenger and driver.

Star Trek Automotive Floor Mats

4. Star Trek Automotive Floor Mats

Car floor mats are one of the easiest ways to geek out your ride, and the most subtle. For the low price of $39.99, you can choose from either a front pair or a rear utility mat featuring the Command Insignia – we suggest getting the two for the front and two for the back.

Star Trek delta logo aside, these are standard high quality rubber automobile floor mats which will stand up to the usual wear and tear. They’re also a universal fit item, which means that they will fit in any vehicle more or less.

As a bonus, if pimping your ride isn’t your thing, use one of the rear utility Star Trek floor mats in your home or office as a welcome mat!


Star Trek Delta Logo Speed Grip Steering Wheel Cover

5. Star Trek Delta Logo Steering Wheel Cover

If you buy only one of the Star Trek auto accessories on this page, then this steering wheel cover is the most practical choice.  Get a better grip on your driving habits while you boldly go down the interstate to work.

This officially licensed item is easy to put on any steering wheel with a diameter between 14 1/2″ – 15 1/2″. Grab a tape measure and make sure it fits before you order, but you can expect it to work in most cars.


Star Trek Delta Logo Seat Belt Cover / Pad: Captain

6. Star Trek Delta Command Logo Yellow Gold Car Truck SUV Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

Keep your fandom close to your heart with this Star Trek Delta Logo seatbelt cover. It comes in other colors, but I never settle for anything less than Captain Kirk gold.

Each Star Trek seat belt cover costs only $12.98, so showing off your Starfleet love won’t pinch your wallet in our scarcity driven society. Order extras if you want your passengers to feel as cool as you do, when putting their belts on.

Star Trek Delta Command Logo Yellow Gold Car Truck SUV Seat Belt Shoulder Pad will run you only around $8.00 if you order it online.

Bonus usage: Buy one and put it on a messenger bag strap!

Star Trek Delta Logo Auto Coaster Set

7. Star Trek Delta Logo Auto Coaster Set

Give those gas station sodas a little personality with Star Trek auto coasters featuring the Delta logo. You get two of these for the low low price of $9.99.  They’ll fit in any vehicle cupholder, since they include instructions on how to trim them for an exact fit.

Each Star Trek auto coaster is made of high quality material that won’t fade, crack, peel, or self-destruct like the Enterprise over the Genesis planet.

star trek family

8. Star Trek Family Car Decals

These Star Trek car decals come in a sheet with a total of 32 decals so that you can customize your display to fit your family. But these decals aren’t just car accessories. You can use them on your laptop case, windows and anywhere else that you want to stick them.

A set of Star Trek Family Car Decals, in Next Generation or Original Series will only run you around $30 if you order it online.

Got any other great Star Trek car accessories we’ve missed? Reach out on Twitter or Facebook with photos of your personal Enterprise accessorized and ready to boldly go.

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