Ben Affleck’s 10-Year-Old Son Crashed A Car

Maybe take away those Batmobile keys, Ben.

By Britta DeVore | Published

ben affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 10-year-old son Samuel got behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini and crashed it into another sports car yesterday in Beverly Hills. Don’t worry: no one was hurt and the cars are both fine, and judging by the photos, everyone left with a smile on their face. According to those present, Affleck was there with JLo doing a little car browsing when he allowed Samuel to hop into the driver’s seat of the luxury vehicle. Unbeknownst to them, the car was on and Samuel threw it into reverse, bumping into the auto that was parked closely behind it. One photo (courtesy of TMZ) shows the 10-year-old kid jumping out of the vehicle in question to observe the damage that may have been done. It’s honestly a very cute image of a child mirroring an adult – also Samuel looks exactly like his mother, so it’s kind of like a little Jennifer Garner observing collision damage. But, we digress.You can see photos of the incident below.

Aside from one photo of Ben Affleck leaning forward looking very serious with who we presume to be employees of 777 Exotics, the rest of the snaps make the scene look like it was all smiles. One photo shows JLo with Samuel smiling as they speak to one of the employees, while another reveals Affleck eying up the scene – again with a smile on his face – standing almost proudly like a parent at their kid’s soccer game. To Ben’s credit, there is a photo of him strolling towards the car, looking like he’s about to lay the law down or possibly about to be Punk’d while Samuel crawls out of the driver’s seat with an mischievous smile on his face, leading us to believe that things were pretty serious before they busted out the cheerfulness. Regardless, we’re glad no damage was done and that no one was hurt.

Samuel Garner Affleck’s parents, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner began dating back in 2004 after becoming pals through working on projects together including Pearl Harbor and Daredevil. The romance would quickly turn serious, with wedding bells ringing in 2005 and kids coming along soon after that. Although things wouldn’t work out for Affleck and Garner, as they separated in 2015, the relationship would bring them three children: Violet Anne Affleck, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, and lil’ Grand Theft Auto Samuel. Although the pair has split up, they’ve worked to uphold a positive relationship and have both put in the effort to raise their kids together. 

While the exes have been back in the dating pool, Ben Affleck has made headlines over the past year by rekindling his love with his ex-fiance, Jennifer Lopez. It appears as though JLo fits right in with the family as is made obvious in the photos from Samuel’s car mishap. Bringing her own kids into the mix from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony, JLo and Ben’s big days out with all five children look absolutely adorable – maybe next time someone can just check to see if the car is on.