Jennifer Garner and James Marsden Are Joining A Fan-Favorite Comedy Series Revival

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 4 months ago

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Jennifer Garner, who has starred in many iconic films such as 13 Going on 30, and James Marsden who has recently been working on the comedy series, Dead to Me, are both returning to take part in the revival of a classic comedy series. From 2009-2010, Party Down was an American sitcom that had fans totally obsessed and also had critics giving rather good reviews. However, after only two seasons, the show was canceled. But fear not, because the hit series is coming back to life, with Garner and Marsden only being part of a large and talented cast. 

For those who haven’t really heard much of the show, Party Down is a comedy series centered around a group of individuals trying to make it big in Hollywood. Of course, making it big in the entertainment industry is quite a long and tiring process, so making the big money won’t happen right away. So, having a little side job to make some sort of a steady income is definitely needed. The show followed a group of caterers in Los Angeles who were all trying to make it big as actors, writers, or performers. The revival series is adding new faces such as Jennifer Garner, but we will see some familiar faces returning. According to Deadline, the original executive producers and creators of the series will return and include Rob Thomas, Paul Rudd, Dan Etheridge, and John Enbom. But not only will the creative minds to the sitcom return, but also some of the original stars, too. 

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According to Collider, some of the stars set to return and play their original roles are Jane Lynch, Adam Scott, Ken Marino and Megan Mullally. Jennifer Garner will be playing the role of Evie, a Hollywood movie producer dealing with a breakup. James Marsden will be playing the role of Jack Botty, an actor in a popular and well-known superhero franchise. This isn’t too much of a stretch for the actor, who played Cyclops in X-Men.

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In the Party Down revival, Jennifer Garner’s character tries to start a relationship with James Marsden’s confident character. However, the series revival wasn’t something that just suddenly and recently came up out of nowhere. It seems as though there have been talks for a revival series for a few years now. According to Vulture, the creators of the American sitcom sat down with the publication at the Vulture Festival 2019. One of the creators, Dan Etheridge, had told Vulture that, “I don’t think a movie’s in the cards, but I think maybe in the next year or two, we’ll kind of explore another way to get the gang back together.”

And now, in 2022, the gang is officially coming back together. Unfortunately, one of the original stars in the series, Lizzy Caplan, will not be returning to the revival, according to Deadline. But with new additions to the cast, like Jennifer Garner, the sitcom is on the path for success. Garner has taken on a whole range of roles in films in the past, such as Catch Me If You Can, starring Oscar winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, and also playing the Marvel character Elektra. James Marsden has also had his fair share of successful roles, starring in films such as Hairspray, Enchanted, and also The Notebook

It is always exciting to see revivals of original television series, especially to see beloved characters coming back to our screens. It will definitely be interesting to see what this revival looks like for Party Down, but stars like Jane Lynch, Jennifer Garner, James Marsden, and Adam Scott will make for a comedic and fun time. As of now, there is no set release date of when the revival will air, but in the meantime, hopefully we will continue to get little snippets and teasers of the series.