Arnold Schwarzenegger Kills Everyone And Everything In This Supercut

By Nick Venable | Updated

arnold schwarzenegger

I suppose it stands to reason that anyone who portrays Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot on film will technically have the highest character kill count, but no one can deny that Arnold Schwarzenegger is high on the list of cinematic causes of death.

There’s no real math that went into this estimation, but any actor who gets hired for a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is facing something around a 65% risk that his character is going to get killed in a most satisfactory fashion.

By sword, gun, or being thrown through a door, a death at Ah-nold’s hands is still worthy of respect, since nothing and no one can survive if Arnold decides they need killing.

As such, the above supercut video from Internet comedy group Auralnauts is a massive undertaking of hilariously excessive brutality. If Hercules had researched and gathered the information necessary to write 12 different encyclopedias instead of taking on the 12 great Feats of legend, that would be a water droplet on the leaf of a tree in the forest of effort that Auralnauts put into creating this video. Check out the damage Arnold Schwarzenegger does in the video below.

Or something. After a while, I stopped paying attention to what I was writing, just watching Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix destroys people in front of a beautiful garden. Some of these guys are flying not only backward when they get shot but also up into the air.

In whose fantasy world is Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting someone from an angle at which it would be low enough to drive even the bare minimum of upward force into an assailant? Considering the lack of realism that goes into some of these death scenes, nearly every film on here could be labeled as science fiction.

But because we base our work on stricter definitions (much like the ones the creators used when deciding what deaths went into the clip), all of the classic genre hits are present, and over five minutes of the video’s 28:07 runtime are spent on kills seen in films we’ve discussed on this site before.

And while we don’t talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop nearly enough, that’s on here too. But more importantly, we’ve got both The Terminator and its first two sequels, the never-that-impressive Running Man, Total Recall, and The 6th Day, which I keep forgetting is a movie despite being a pretty decent flick. Also, once you hear Drucker’s never-ending yell again, it’s hard to get it out of your head.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to sit through any terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze puns from Joel Schumacher’s infinitely horrible Batman & Robin in order to get to the total number of deaths Arnold Schwarzenegger is responsible for. You can find the list below, as in 40 below. Zero. Degrees. Brr.

It all amounts to 509 deaths that lay at the feet of the former California governor. And in the years after this video, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodycount only grew. It’s a testament to his work ethic that he’s been able to sustain this level of “consistency” for so long.