How Scarlett Johansson Started The Feud Between Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman

By Rick Gonzales | 1 year ago

Feuds. There have been many famous ones throughout history. We’ve had the Hatfields and the McCoys. We’ve had the famous feud between the Queens, Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Mary, Queen of Scots. We’ve had that famous political feud that ended in a fatal duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. But probably the most famous feud we have seen in our illustrious history is the on-going feud between megastars Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Fact.

Many of you out there are probably, and rightfully, wondering: Just how and when did this feud between the two “legends” begin? Well, Jackman was asked this exact question during an interview with The Daily Beast. “How did it start? It’s gone back so long now… God, this is a classic sign where your feud has gone too long, where you don’t even know why or how it started!” Here, let us help.

How Scarlett Johansson Started The Feud Between Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman

Seems the feud began way back in 2009 when Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds met on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Jackman was playing his famous character, Wolverine, and Reynolds came aboard as the horrendous version of Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Thankfully, Reynolds was able to make up for the poor decision of that 2009 movie.

Scarlett Johansson

At the time, Reynolds had just married Scarlett Johansson, who had been great friends with Jackman. So, when Jackman and Reynolds crossed paths, Jackman gave Reynolds some “friendly” advice.

We’ll let Jackman take it from here. “I used to ream him because I was very close friends with Scarlett [Johansson], and Scarlett had just married Ryan, so when he came on set I was like, ‘Hey, you better be on your best behavior here, pal, because I’m watching,’ and we started ribbing each other that way, and then it all escalated with the ‘Deadpool’ thing and him calling me out, and trying to manipulate me through social media to do what he wanted,” Jackman reflected on what kicked things off.

Johansson, for her part, has remained mum on the subject, though it hasn’t stopped the two superstars from getting after each other. Constantly. Time and time again. Social media is in love with the two.

For now, though, the feud may be put on hold. At least for a day. Both stars are competing in an All In Challenge, something that celebrities have been getting involved in for a worthy cause. Jackman and Reynolds made the announcement to suspend their feud on this hilariously produced video they tweeted out. Here it is and good luck to both! P.S. Thank you, Scarlett!

Deadpool And Wolverine To Reunite?

It is no secret that Reynolds has been constantly digging at Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine in the Deadpool movies, something that Jackman has remained steadfastly against. After Jackman’s portrayal of the superhero in the movie Logan, Jackman claimed to have officially retired playing the character. Of course, this hasn’t stopped Reynolds from his relentless pursuit, one which fans of Jackman’s Wolverine hope will eventually come to fruition.

With Deadpool 3 greenlit and on the horizon, one can only hope and pray Reynolds will have enough sway to make it happen. That or the studio producing the movie will pony up enough to convince Jackman to bare those adamantium claws one more time.