Watch Nic Cage Murder Puppets In The Willy’s Wonderland Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

nic cage willys wonderland

Nic Cage has fought all kinds of bad guys and evildoers on screen throughout the years. Whether it be convicts, gang members, impersonators, domestic terrorists, vampires, or just the general ne’er-do-well, the actor has disposed of nearly everyone in his path through his time in the movies. But now he’s getting a slightly different type of evil to fight. In an upcoming flick, he’s going to have to dispose of some demonic Muppet-like animatronics. And, for all the silliness posed here, this might be his most bloody and gory movie yet. Check out the trailer for Willy’s Wonderland:

As you can see from the Willy’s Wonderland trailer, there’s a lot going on with this next Nic Cage movie. His character, simply known as the Janitor, suffers a planned flat tire that leaves him stranded outside of the titular amusement park/ Chucky Cheese-like restaurant and funhouse. In exchange for getting the car fixed, he just needs to spend the night cleaning the place. Little does he know that the playful structures and characters inside Willy’s are actually demonic hellspawn and he’s the planned ritualistic sacrifice. 

Willy’s Wonderland looks like an over-the-top horror romp with Nic Cage fully leaning into the role as a lone, and quirky, wolf sent to finally put an end to this madness. For lack of a better term, he is just acting very Nic Cage-y throughout, killing these creatures, dealing with a band of teenagers who’ve come to destroy the place, and generally looking annoyed at all of the proceedings. Frankly, it looks kind of awesome. 

One of the best lines from the trailer is when one of the teenagers says about Nic Cage and his fight with these demonic playthings, “He’s not trapped in there with them. They’re trapped in here with him!” The cheesiness and blunt tone of the line kind of fully encapsulates everything we are getting in this trailer. 

nic cage

Joining Nic Cage in the cast of Willy’s Wonderland is a group of relative unknowns and first-timers. But one name that stands out is Beth Grant who’s often taken on bit parts as an ultra-conservative, old lady-type and in this one, it looks like more of the same. She’s a shotgun-toting old broad sheriff who looks right at home in the proceedings. 

Nic Cage and Willy’s Wonderland wrapped up filming in February and was originally supposed to hit theaters in October of last year. But pandemic-related closing put the kibosh on that timing and now it’s slated for a February 12, 2021 release instead. 

After we catch Nic Cage next month in some horror fare he’s got some other cool projects coming up. He’ll be playing himself in the action-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Natural Talent. That flick has him using his movie persona to actually rescue his wife and kids from a hostage situation. And then, of course, there’s the upcoming Joe Exotic project in which Cage will play the Tiger King. That’s a lot of Nic Cage being Nic Cage set to hit the screen.