Netflix Sci-Fi Dystopian Thriller Crosses Cyberpunk With Superheroes

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

  • The Green Arrow stars in this underrated sci-fi movie streaming on Netflix.
  • Code 8 is the brainchild of Stephen and Robbie Amell, known for their CW superhero roles as Green Arrow and Firestorm.
  • Set in a dystopian future, a young man with special powers takes desperate measures to save his mother.
  • The sequel will be released at the end of February.

What if Green Arrow was responsible for creating one of the best sci-fi movies you’ve never seen? The dystopia thriller Code 8 is a perfect fusion between cyberpunk and superhero storytelling, and it comes to us courtesy of Stephen Amell (the CW Green Arrow himself) and his cousin Robbie Amell. If you want to see just how well the television archer hits the mark, you can now stream Code 8 on Netflix.

Stephen And Robbie Amell Created Code 8

What is Code 8 about, exactly? The basic plot follows the adventures of someone with special abilities who discovers that his superpowers alone can’t help provide the care that his sick mother needs. In order to get plenty of cold, hard cash to pay for her care, he teams up with a group of criminals, hoping that working with the bad guys can ultimately help him do plenty of good.Code 8 comes from the minds of Robbie and Stephen Amell, and their experience playing onscreen superheroes helped make this new tale of tights and flights seem that much more authentic. For CW fans, Stephen Amell is most recognizable for playing Green Arrow, and Robbie played Ronnie Raymond (the superhero Firestorm) in the Arrow spinoffs Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Back in 2016, they released a Code 8 short film in order to generate fan interest and funding for a feature film via an Indiegogo campaign.

Crowdfunding Made Code 8 Possible

Fortunately, their Code 8 short film and subsequent fundraising campaign ended up proving a major hit. The cousins ended up raising a cool $3.4 million, and the fundraising campaign helped them produce DVDs and distribute their final film via physical media. Now, the fact that the movie is streaming on Netflix means you can enjoy their superhero shenanigans with just the click of a button.

Critics Love Code 8

Unsurprisingly, Robbie and Stephen Amell are the primary actors in the Code 8 film, and it seems that critics and audiences alike enjoyed what these creative cousins cooked up. On Rotten Tomatoes, Code 8 currently has a critical rating of 81 percent. Critics generally praised the film for its ability to ground its sci-fi conceits in the real world, including characters and themes that will seem bleakly relatable to most of us watching.

The Sequel Releases Soon

Now, it seems that Robbie and Stephen Amell’s faith in this film is continuing to pay off. The first movie proved to be such a major hit that it’s getting a sequel, Code 8: Part II, and the Amell cousins will once more be working under the talented Jeff Chan who directed the first movie. That sequel is coming out on February 28 of this month, and we’re honestly excited to see where this franchise goes next.

Stream Code 8 On Netflix

If you’d like to get hyped up with us, there is no time like the present to stream Code 8 on Netflix. Once you discover how well this movie combines superheroes and cyborgs to create a captivating tale of a criminal with a heart of gold, you’ll be left wanting more. Fortunately, the sequel drops in just a few weeks, and we’re betting it will be good; if not, though, we’ve all been practicing how to tell the Amells, “You’ve failed this city” in our best Green Arrow growl.