New Netflix Show Is Serious Drama About Turning Into A Chicken Nugget

By Robert Scucci | Published

netflix chicken nugget

Netflix users are in for a tasty treat in the coming months that comes in the form of a drama about a person turning into a chicken nugget. Known as Dakgangjeong, which translates to “Ganjeong with Chicken” or “Korean Fried Chicken,” the series doesn’t have a set release date as of this writing. Netflix Korea has announced that the Lee Byeong-heon directed web series will premiere in early 2024, so it’s safe to say that we can see this premise play out on our television sets sooner rather than later.

Spending Your Life As A Chicken Nugget

netflix chicken nugget

Netflix will stylize the series as Chicken Nugget in the United States, and aside from a brief synopsis found on IMDb, we don’t know exactly how the story will play out. As we know it, Chicken Nugget will center on Choi Min-ah (Kim Yoo-Jung), who enters a mysterious machine at her father’s company that transforms her physical being into a chicken nugget. Her father, Choi Seon-man (Ryu Seung-ryong), is the president of the company that manufactures the machine, and needs to figure out how to turn his daughter back into a person.

The Love Interest… Of The Chicken Nugget

netflix chicken nugget

The other complication in this Netflix series about a girl being transformed into a chicken nugget (if that isn’t a complicated enough ordeal) involves an intern at the company named Baek-joong (Ahn Jae-hong), who has a crush on Choi Min-ah. Given the limited information that we currently have about the series, we can’t say for certain that this fledgling romance involves Choi’s human form or her chicken nugget form.

As the story unfolds in the upcoming Netflix series, both Choi Seon-man and Baek-joong work together to recover Choi Min-ah from her crunchy chicken nugget exterior. They will uncover mysteries in the process, but as for what kind of mysteries, we’re currently left in the dark.

My Name Is Loh Kiwan

netflix chicken nugget

Netflix Korea made a post on X last week announcing their release slate for early 2024, which includes Chicken Nugget, and two other series: My Name is Loh Kiwan, which is slated for a March 1 release, and Murderer’s Perplexity, which doesn’t yet have a set release date. The former title involves a North Korean defector who is drawn into a romance with a woman who has lost her will to live. The latter series will involve a man who unexpectedly becomes a murderer and the detective who’s trying to catch him.

Chicken Nugget Won’t Take Itself Too Seriously

Since Netflix has Chicken Nugget listed as an absurd and offbeat comedy, we can expect the series to no take itself too seriously. But like most K-dramas, there will likely be an emotional through line that will tug at the heart strings despite the show’s unique and off-the-wall premise.


While we’re waiting for Netflix Korea to make an official announcement on Chicken Nugget’s release date, there are plenty more Korean titles where that came from. Since we’re talking about a series that will clearly have a sense of humor, we strongly recommend 2018’s Psychokinesis as a primer to set the mood. This mind-bending comedy involves a father who suddenly becomes possessed with supernatural powers while trying to help his estranged daughter.