First Look At Michael Keaton Back As Batman In The Flash

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

michael keaton batman

The DC FanDome event spent most of the day Saturday showcasing all sorts of new projects, series, and upcoming movies for the studio. On a day full of exciting reveals, the biggest one might have been a blast from the comic book past. That was when we got a “look” at Michael Keaton returning as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie. Rumors had flown around forever and speculation ran rampant about how Keaton would reprise his role in this universe and now we have our first sense of how it’s going to play out. It came in the form, to start, of a little visit to the Batcave. 

Ezra Miller introduced the sneak peek trailer for Flash by saying they didn’t have that much to show the audience because they were still in the middle of making the movie. But that was a little bit of a head fake considering this Flash teaser gave us plenty to chew on. The story is set to unfold with Barry Allen making his way through the DC equivalent of the Multiverse with the help of some other superhero friends. And before it’s all said and done, we catch a glimpse of Michael Keaton, silhouetted as Batman. Check it out. 

It’s been rumored that this Flash solo movie would pull its story from the Flashpoint comic book arc and that very much looks to be the case. The story appears set to follow Barry as he speeds through different universes in an effort to save his mother. It begins with Ezra Miller pulling up to Wayne Manor and the voice of Michael Keaton over the top saying to him, “You can go anywhere you want, any timeline, any universe. Why do you want to stay and fight to save this one? You change the future and you change the past.” And this line of questioning and gentle prodding is all while we glimpse Barry seeing his mother, deciding on his fate as Flash, and ultimately finding himself in the Batcave. 

We hear Michael Keaton, though we don’t see his face. We don’t need to. The spiky ears and dark cowl are sign enough that he is the version we will get in this movie, the Batman (at least one of them) who Barry will call on for guidance as he seeks to undo what’s transpired in his timeline. At the end of the trailer, Barry simply asks, “Are you in?” Will Michael Keaton as Batman join Flash and company? Obviously. 

And if this wasn’t enough, the clip concludes with Ezra Miller pulling the large sheet off of what is obviously the Batmobile. But not just any version. It’s the one we saw in the Michael Keaton Batman movies of the past. It’s just another callback that will now fully intertwine that original Batman universe with the one we have now. There’s reason to be excited for this flick, the overlap in characters and timelines is groundbreaking. 

We got our first look at Michael Keaton taking on the Batman character once again, but it’s going to be some time before we see him in the actual role on the big screen. The Flash is still more than a year away, not set to release until November 22, 2022. Until then we’ll just have to watch this teaser 100 more times to pull out every little detail.