Marvel’s What If…?: Watch The First Trailer

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

marvel's what if

Marvel’s What If…? animated series on Disney+ has released its first in-depth trailer, and it shows off the wild premise of the show perfectly: alternate universe takes on the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe that range from such ideas as T’Challa being Star-Lord, Peggy Carter as a super solider instead of Captain America, or even Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Strange. The possibilities are endless.

Check out the trailer for Marvel’s What If…? right here:

The premise for the show comes from Marvel’s What If…? line of comic books that started in 1977. The series was basically created to posit alternate scenarios to crucial moments in Marvel history. You would get stories that would demonstrate what would have happened if Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben had lived? Or what would have happened if Wolverine had killed the Hulk in their first encounter? These hypothetical issues became a favorite of Marvel readers over the years and it looks like the show will capture that same kind of spirit.

In fact, Marvel’s What If…? comic books may have very well influenced this new show. Issue #18 of the original comic book run presented the idea that Doctor Strang head become a disciple of Dormammu. In this trailer, we see two Doctor Stranges battling against each other. Could one of them be an “evil” version of the Sorcerer Supreme? And the influences don’t stop there. We see a zombified Captain America fighting against Bucky Barnes in the trailer which seems to be a riff on the very popular Marvel Zombies alternate universe story.

One of the episodes of Marvel’s What If…? that fans will surely be anticipating is the T’Challa one. That episode will feature the last performance of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. In the episode, it looks like T’Challa will be the child that Yondu decides to take in instead of Peter Quill. As such, T’Challa ends up becoming Star-Lord. It will certainly be emotional to hear Chadwick Boseman’s voice since we know it will be the final time he will embody the character. It will be interesting to see where that episode will fall in the season. Will the show kick things off with that entry, save it for the finale, or place it somewhere in the middle of the season?

chadwick boseman what if 2

The only criticism of this trailer for Marvel’s What If…? is the entire animation style. It is not bad but it is a very bold and specific choice. It feels someone akin to the same stylistic design choices we saw in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but the actual animation looks mushy and strange. There is still a while before the show actually hits Disney+, so we could be seeing an unfinished version of the series at this point. The show is not scheduled to land on Disney’s streaming service until next summer. While the design choices are obviously set in stone, hopefully the animation itself will undergo some tweaks before it releases.

Are you excited for Marvel’s What If..? What kind of wild stories would you like to see come to life on the new animated series?