Luis Guzman Says He’s Most Recognized For A Film He’s Not In

By James Brizuela | Published

Luis Guzman

Luis Guzman is one of the best comedic actors in the world, and the man currently has a staggering 158 acting credits to his name. However, he recently revealed on The Rich Eisen Show, which you can see below, that everyone mistakes him for Willie Lopez in the 1990 movie, Ghost. According to Guzman, “To this day, you and I could be walking through an airport, a mall — today — and someone would go, ‘Why did you kill Patrick Swayze? What was it like working with Whoopi [Goldberg]?'”

While Luis Guzman and Willie Lopez do look a bit similar, Guzman stated that he was never offered the part in Ghost. He even went into detail about a 90-year-old woman at the airport who had expressed her love for Ghost and the part played by Willie Lopez, it left Guzman feeling bad because it was not him in the movie. He did tell the woman that he was in The Count of Monte Cristo, which she did not believe, making his anecdote about being recognized that much more hilarious.

Luis Guzman is currently doing his rounds of promotion for his role as the new Gomez Addams in the new hit Netflix series, Wednesday, but hearing the story about people mistaking him for Willie Lopez is great. Well, it might not be great for him, but it is funny that he keeps having to tell people that he never even auditioned for that part. With the new Wednesday series doing so well, Guzman could pivot people to him starring as Gomez now.

willie lopez ghost
luis guzman

That’s not to say that Luis Guzman has not been in some amazing films and shows. He’s starred in great movies like The Salton Sea, Traffic, Punch-Drunk Love, and Boogie Nights. He has also appeared in shows like The Resort, Shameless, Code Black, and so many more. It is a bit strange that with the cavalcade of parts he has held, he is wrongly recognized for having starred in Ghost.

While Luis Guzman may not have been in Ghost, he has been in the acting game for nearly 50 years. His first part was starring in a short film called, Short Eyes, back in 1977. Since then, the man has taken on many parts from many genres, with his newest being that of the Tim Burton-led macabre reimagining of the Addams Family. Again, since the new series has gained so much traction, maybe people will start recognizing him as the new Gomez Addams.

Apart from his starring role in Wednesday, Luis Guzman has many projects in the works, as he is set to lend his voice to Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, which is set to air on Disney+ on February 10, 2023. He will also be starring alongside Timothy Olyphant and Tom Hardy in Havoc, the newest action feature from storied director, Gareth Evans. Evans previously worked on The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2.

While everyone might be upset after finding out that Luis Guzman was, in fact, not in Ghost, you can all go watch him in Wednesday. The new series is streaming right now on Netflix and has become the highest-viewed series in its first week of release, tying Stranger Things Season 4.