Krampus 2 Finally Happening

By TeeJay Small | Published

Krampus 2

Krampus filmmaker Michael Dougherty has plans for a potential sequel with an exciting premise. During a recent screening of the filmmaker’s 2007 horror classic Trick ‘r Treat, Dougherty described plans to bring Krampus 2 to life while confirming that pre-production has begun on the long-awaited Trick ‘r Treat 2.

As first reported by Bloody Disgusting, Dougherty was cryptic. However, he did state that the second installment in the Krampus franchise will focus on a group of strangers trapped in a confined space rather than a traditional family.

The original Krampus film premiered back in December of 2015, opening to mixed reviews from critics but a wide array of acclaim from average audiences. The film took in over $61 million at the global box office against an estimated production budget of only $15 million, making it a no-brainer for the studio to order a sequel, so long as the filmmaker has an inspired idea on where to take the premise next. If Krampus 2 retains even a fraction of the financial success of the first film, it stands to reason that Michael Dougherty could put out a new installment every few years as a holiday tradition.

Krampus 2

With many fans anticipating a sequel to 2007’s Trick ‘r Treat for over a decade, hope for Dougherty’s horror franchise potential seemed to have been at an all-time low in recent years. After all, the filmmaker has become a hot commodity in Hollywood after lending his pen to such efforts as X-Men: Apocalypse, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Godzilla vs. Kong, leaving little precious time to focus on lower-budget horror films. Luckily, Michael Dougherty has announced a return to the slasher genre with Trick ‘r Treat 2, which seems to have reinvigorated his love for the spooky and supernatural, resulting in a tsunami of ideas for other horror sequels such as Krampus 2.

If Krampus 2 does indeed focus on a group of misfit strangers trapped within a confined space, this leaves a number of interesting options for the filmmaker to explore. As some fans have pointed out on the internet, a hospital, a prison, or a space station in orbit could all serve as exciting and subversive takes on the Krampus tale. The franchise, of course, centers on a twisted and horrific iteration on the classic Santa Claus archetype, focusing on the eponymous horned holiday monster from Eastern Alpine folklore.

Krampus 2

While Michael Dougherty has expressed excitement to begin working on Krampus 2, there has been no official confirmation that the film is in the works. With Dougherty currently committed to his upcoming Trick ‘r Treat sequel, it may take some time before a franchise opportunity for the Krampus film officially arises. Regardless, fans would surely be excited to add another film to the growing list of holiday-themed fright fests, which includes the first Krampus film, along with Henry Selick’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

For now, all horror fans can do is wait for more details regarding the production of Krampus 2. As Dougherty continues to work on Trick ‘r Treat 2, the filmmaker will surely garner further inspiration to push his horror franchises further and further.