See Karl Urban As Wolverine, He’s Perfect

Karl Urban could be Wolverine, and this is what he could look like.

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Karl Urban is currently headlining the popular superhero show The Boys over on Amazon Prime Video, but that hasn’t stopped him from being the focal point of other comic book movie rumors. One of the more persistent ones is a rallying cry for him to play Wolverine once the Marvel Cinematic Universe decides to integrate the character of Logan and the other X-Men into their world. Some people are ready to see what that would look like.

And that’s just what stryder HD decided to do. The YouTube creator has posted a new video that features a peek at what Karl Urban could look like as Wolverine. Take a peek and judge for yourself:

Though there are quite a few moments in this video that stand out as an effect, the idea comes across that Karl Urban would cut a good look as Wolverine. At least, Wolverine as we have seen him in the Hugh Jackman films. It is likely that Marvel Studios wants to deliver a version of Wolverine that will stand apart from Jackman’s iconic and long-standing take on the character. So whoever ends up in the role might not be channeling Jackman’s version at all, which this deepfake is dependent on.

If anything, it would be great to see Karl Urban in some fan art that imagines him in a costume that feels appropriate for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel Studios movies are very adamant about bringing the most streamlined take on their classic comic book costumes. What will they do with a flamboyant ensemble like the X-Men? And will we get to see a Wolverine that wears his iconic mask? We almost got a tease of it in The Wolverine, but that ending (watch below) was deleted from the finished version of the movie.

There is no argument that Karl Urban is an extremely talented character actor and could definitely bring a lot to the Wolverine/Logan persona. However, it is important to remember that Karl Urban actually has shown up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a supporting role. He played Skurge the Executioner in the excellent Thor: Ragnarok. It would be a little weird if he showed up again as an even more prominent member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, but it is possible that audiences would care much. Chris Evans has played both the Human Torch and Captain America, and nobody seems to pay that any mind.

It is going to be very interesting to see who gets cast as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They will have some very big shoes to fill after Hugh Jackman’s defining run with the character, but Marvel has proven they know how to deliver the characters in the way that fans want them. If that ends up meaning Karl Urban gets to pop his adamantium claws in the future, we have no problem with that. This video proves he would be a great fit for the part. We will have to see if it actually comes true.

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