Kaley Cuoco Reuniting A Fan Favorite Show?

Kaley Cuoco wants to do a Friends-style reunion for a fan favorite sitcom. It would definitely have a huge audience if it happened.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

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Kaley Cuoco doesn’t want the guys at Central Perk to have all the fun. The actress recently admitted she wants the cast of the hit sitcom that made her famous to reunite at least one more time.

Speaking to Variety‘s Awards Circuit podcast this past week, Kaley Cuoco said she was a big Friends fan and so made sure to tune in for Friends: The Reunion — a.k.a. “The One Where They Get Back Together” — on HBO Max in May. Cuoco said she thinks the cast of The Big Bang Theory will probably do a reunion along the same lines in the next few years, adding that she “would love to do that.”

While there are no doubt hordes of The Big Bang Theory fans ready for Kaley Cuoco’s idea to be made into a reality, it begs the question of whether or not such a special would attract the same kind of controversy or concern as Friends: The Reunion. Before the special even aired, as reported by Yahoo and others, fans were concerned that Matthew Perry — who played Chandler Bing on the beloved sitcom — was slurring his speech in part of the special’s trailer. Perry has been frank about his struggles with substance abuse in the past, to the point where in 2016 he told the BBC (via Newsweek) he couldn’t remember filming a number of Friends‘ entire seasons. Eventually, it was reported that the reason for Perry’s slurred speech was an emergency dental procedure he was forced to undergo prior to filming.

The Big Bang Theory aired on CBS for 12 seasons — premiering in September 2007 and concluding in May 2019. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parson starred as genius scientists and roommates Leonard and Sheldon. Kaley Cuoco played Penny, the aspiring actress who Leonard pines for and eventually marries. The sitcom kept audiences laugh with their constant geek culture references and its small army of nerd-favorite guest stars including Leonard Nimoy, Kate Sackhoff, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, George Takei, Adam West, and of course — Sheldon’s nemesis — Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. The sitcom brought home 10 Primetime Emmy Awards during its run, and spawned the spin-off Young Sheldon starring Iain Armitage as the child prodigy.

Along with a potential reunion, Kaley Cuoco spoke to Variety about more recent projects, particularly the HBO Max dramedy thriller The Flight Attendant. Acting as both lead and executive producer for the series, Cuoco plays Cassie Bowden — an alcoholic flight attendant who has a one-night stand with a passenger in Bangkok, only to wake up the next morning to find her hook-up dead. While originally planned as a miniseries based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Chris Bohjalian, Cuoco told Variety Season 2 is on the way. Without saying too much about what’s planned, the actress did say Cassie’s future struggles will revolve around her finally “trying to live a sober life” without changing who she is.

Kaley Cuoco also discussed the HBO Max animated series Harley Quinn, in which she voices the titular protagonist. Along with calling her version of the character “Harley Quinn on acid while drinking a Starbucks,” she expressed shock at how much the show was “able to get away with.”

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Though as Kaley Cuoco likely remembers, there is at least one thing the show couldn’t get away with. In June, the news broke that DC axed a scene from Harley Quinn in which Batman performs oral sex on Catwoman because “heroes don’t do that.”