Henry Cavill’s Worst Movie Teams Him Up With Bruce Willis And It’s Free

Henry Cavill might be one of the most popular actors currently, but he was once in a critically panned movie with Bruce Willis. This movie is now streaming for free.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Henry Cavill might be one of the best actors currently, but he wasn’t always at the top of the A-list when it comes to his celebrity status. In fact, there are huge names in show business that have been involved in plenty of terrible movies. That is the usual case for those who are attempting to make names for themselves. Cavill was once in those movies, and unfortunately, it was part of the slate of horrible ventures that Bruce Willis was part of as well. That movie is called The Cold Light of Day, and you can stream it right now on Freevee and Pluto TV.

The Cold Light of Day boasts one of the worst Rotten Tomatoes scores of any film that has been placed on the website. The film’s critic rating is a very poor 4% and the audience rating is not much better at 29%. The film opened in theaters in 2012 and did not do much better in terms of the money made. Against a budget of $20 million, the film would only go to make $25.4 million, painting it as a box office bomb. What is most strange about this is there was a huge cast attached to the film. Apart from Bruce Willis and Henry Cavill, Sigourney Weaver was also in this feature. Those three alone should have been enough to garner in pulling some decent box office draw, but that was not the case.

The Cold Light of Day follows Will Shaw (Henry Cavill), who has reluctantly decided to take a vacation with his family in Spain. Will is joined by his father Martin (Bruce Willis), who he has a tough relationship with. When a sailing accident occurs and Will is preoccupied with his phone, he leaps into action to save his brother’s girlfriend from getting hit by the boom, though she hits her head on the winch on the sailboat they are on. Martin is angered by this and throws Will’s phone into the ocean. Will takes off to town to get medical supplies and to calm down from the ordeal with his father. When he returns, he has discovered that his family is missing. This is when he is told by Martin that he is working for the CIA, and not a government consultant, and he knows who has taken the family. Martin and Will now have to do what they can to save their family from those trying to hurt Martin. Without ruining too much of the film, we will let you watch and decide for yourself if the movie is truly that awful.

Quite honestly, this is strange that Henry Cavill could go through this film and then be given one of the best roles of his career. The Cold Light of Day was released in 2012, and in 2013, Cavill would be given the opportunity to a long-standing role as Superman. Man of Steel came out and all but changed everyone’s perspective of Cavill. Sure, we never got to see the man in a follow-up solo role in the cape, but he was still fantastic in the first film, which then led to Justice League and many other appearances. This just goes to show that sometimes the best actors are criticized heavily, but can eventually land a career-defining role. Now, Cavill is legendary as he has portrayed Superman and is hugely popular as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series for Netflix.

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Henry Cavill may have had to deal with a poorly reviewed film, but it has not stopped him from becoming one of the most sought-after actors in the world. Perseverance matters a great deal with it comes to achieving your dreams. Cavill is certainly proof of that, especially for likely having to hear about The Cold Light of Day being so critically panned.

The Cold Light of Day is streaming right now on Freevee and Pluto TV, albeit with ads. If you are a fan of Henry Cavill, you might want to skip this feature. Then again, you might be curious like most of us are, and see why this film was rated so poorly. Either way, at least the man was able to rebound from this film being hit so hard by critics.