Henry Cavill Hints He’s The Next James Bond?

Did he get the role?

By Michileen Martin | Published

henry cavill james bond feature

Ever since it was announced that last year’s No Time to Die would be Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film, a number of actors have made it clear they wanted a chance at the gig. One actor who seems like one of the most obvious and natural fits to the role is Man of Steel‘s Henry Cavill. British? Check. Suave and handsome? Check and check. Espionage film chops? How about Mission: Impossible and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.? Check and check. And, more importantly, he wants the job. But today a new ad starring Cavill has some fans thinking he’s already got the gig.

A number of folks on Twitter have posted part of an ad featuring Henry Cavill for No. 1 Botanicals. In the spot, Cavill steps out of a doorway onto the sidewalk to be greeted by a gorgeous Aston Martin DB5 — the car of the iconic 007. The actor’s narration talks about “sweet temptations” as he continues to look longingly at the car. You can see part of the clip below.

Of course, rather than a signal that he’s already secured the role, the ad could be yet another way for Henry Cavill to remind Bond franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson of his interest. Broccoli and Wilson have made it clear they plan to find Craig’s replacement before the end of 2022. So far, there’s no definitive news on their choice.

Along with Henry Cavill, actors who either have expressed their interest in the role or who have been fan-cast in the part include Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad), Morena Baccarin (Dedadpool), Kate Beckinsale (Underworld), Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey), Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class), Henry Golding (Snake Eyes), Chris Hemsworth (Thor: Ragnarok), and Dwayne Johnson (Red Notice). At least two of these — Baccarin and Johnson — are likely non-starters. While 007 producers have become more open about the question of the gender and skin color of the next James Bond, they seem firm in the notion that — regardless of all other concerns — any James Bond actor must be British. Baccarin holds citizenship in both Brazil and the United States, and Johnson is American. Still, you never know.

The argument could be made, of course, that in campaigning to become the next James Bond, Henry Cavill is threatening to take all the good franchises for himself. Even if you set aside the ever-fluctuating rumors of either coming back to the role of Superman or being given the final boot; Cavill plays legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes in Netflix’s Enola Holmes films, the deadly Geralt of Rivia in the streamer’s expanding The Witcher franchise, by the end of 2022 his new espionage franchise Argylle is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+, and according to last year’s report from Deadline he’s on course to the play the immortal hero of the Highlander reboot. Between him and Dwayne Johnson, within 5 years no one else will be legally allowed into a lead action role in the Western hemisphere.